Small Businesses Can Easily Find Ways to Attract New Customers


Operating a small business is hard work but, thanks to today’s tech-savvy world, there are now numerous apps that can help not only business owners but potential customers as well. Mobile phone apps make it easier to communicate with your customers and for them to communicate with you and they are user-friendly, free to download, and very effective. The apps can do everything from making it easier to read and sign a document to making it easy for your customers to write good reviews of your business. The apps can help your business grow and thrive and they are easy to use for both the business owner and potential customers. Furthermore, most of these apps can be downloaded for free through the Internet, enabling you to convert your mobile phone into a fully functional working office.

Useful Apps for Small Businesses

Many apps are now available for all types of small business, including:

  • Hootsuite: Combines all your social media outlets into one dashboard so that attracting customers is simple and fast
  • Scannable: Allows you to scan documents so that you can either save them or share them with customers
  • Boast: Allows customers to write and share testimonials about your business so that others can see them
  • Crugo: Enables you to communicate with customers and stakeholders in real time, keeping all your text-based messages together
  • DocuSign: Allows you to sign even legal documents and submit them where they need to go

These are some of the most useful apps for small businesses but they are certainly not the only ones. More can be found if you search online and the number-one advantage of all small business apps is that they save the business owner both time and money. Social media is still necessary to grow your business but apps such as the ones listed above can help grow it much faster, especially if you get the one that best suits your business-related needs.

All Types of Business Benefit from These Apps

Another advantage of small business-related apps is that many of them are industry-specific so if you are looking for an app to help your business improve its efficiency or better sell its products, you can easily find something that will accommodate you. Business apps can include those for email marketing companies such as Delivra and Campaign Monitor, HR apps such as Justworks and Namely, IT apps such as SysAid and Samanage, billing and invoice apps that include PaySimple and Vorex PSA, and even help desk apps such as Freshdesk and TeamSupport. In other words, regardless of the field you are in or what you need help with, there is very likely an app that can accommodate you. Most of them are extremely efficient and easy to use as well as either reasonably priced or free. Today’s tech-savvy world almost requires the use of these apps and they are indeed a very efficient, time-saving, and inexpensive way to grow your business. After all, time is money, and you can save a little of both when you use these business-centred mobile phone apps.