How to Register a Holding Company in Switzerland


Switzerland is widely regarded as one of the most opportune places to live and work in. If you are planning to register a company in Europe, Switzerland is one of the best destinations that you can choose. It offers you a range of different opportunities and tax incentives, thus allowing you to set up and grow your business very quickly. More importantly, the government of Switzerland actually gives major benefits to its people, which can greatly affect your ability to maintain your profit margins without having to worry too much in the early stages of your business.

If you are thinking of becoming an investor in different companies throughout Switzerland, you should consider establishing a holding company. Swiss holding companies must adhere to a series of guidelines and rules before they can be registered. A holding company is defined as any company whose primary objective is to hold and manage its participation in different companies throughout the country. Registering a holding company in Switzerland is not a straightforward process. Here are a few things that you should know about registering a holding company in this beautiful country.

Evaluate Different Cantons

Switzerland is divided into administrative divisions known as Cantons. Canton Zug is arguably the most beneficial in terms of tax relaxation and benefits and is an excellent place to establish your company. However, you have to evaluate different Cantons in Switzerland and then determine the most beneficial one for the type of company that you are thinking of registering. There is plenty of information available on official government websites that will make it easy for you to decide where you should set up your company.

Hire a Local Administration Firm

Another important thing that you need to do is to hire a local administration firm for your needs. Hiring a local administration firm is tremendously important as they will guide you through the entire process of establishing the company. The process begins with establishing the memorandum of association for your company and then creating the articles of association and other essential documents. Once all the essential documents have been created, the firm will submit the documents to the local registrar in order to register the firm.

Once the company has been registered with the local registrar, the next step is to create the capital accounts of the company that will be used for investment purposes. For a small commission and fee charged by the administration firm, they will do all of the work for you. It’s highly important that you hire a local administration firm for your needs in order to ensure that the work is done quickly.

Once all of the documents have been registered and the company has been registered, you will receive a certificate of commencement of business that can be used by your company to start operations. This is the process of setting up a holding company in Switzerland within the shortest possible timeframe.