How is Bottled Water Made? A Business Guide


Every year, 50 billion bottles of water end up in shopping carts. This makes it one of the most profitable industries to get into. Before you can start your business, however, it’s important to know the answer to the question “how is bottled water made”?

If it doesn’t meet certain standards set aside by the FDA, your company might get shut down before you even begin. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of water and filtration methods.

It can be a bit complicated. We can help make it easier. Check out this guide to learn everything you ever wanted to know about bottled water production.

What Types of Water Are There?

There are several different types of water out there that you can produce. Springwater is water that comes from some natural underground source. It’s usually collected by drilling a hole into the surface of the spring.

Mineral water is pretty much the same thing as spring water. The difference is that it contains trace amounts of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Sparkling water can come from an artisan well or a natural spring. This water has a little bit of carbonation, which makes it a good substitution for sugary sodas.

There are more types of water out there, but these are the main ones you’re going to see on your bottled water production line.

How is it Purified?

After the water gets extracted, it has to go through a purification process before it’s safe for human consumption. The easiest and most basic way to do this is through a filtration method.

The water travels through small membranes. These membranes allow the water to pass without allowing any large particles and contaminants from getting through.

You’ll vaporize distilled water. When the water reforms, all the bad stuff is gone, leaving pure water behind.

Reversed osmosis works a little like standard filtration. The water passes through a semipermeable membrane that contaminants can’t get through.

Ozonation is a process that involves subjecting the water to ozone gas. This gas is able to kill any microorganisms in the water that’s dangerous to humans. After the sanitation process is over, the ozone molecules start to break down and disappear.

How is it Regulated?

The FDA regulates bottled water the same way it regulates any other food and drinks on the market. Your water will have to be packaged in sanitary bottles and produced in a clean environment.

It must also get extracted from an approved water source such as an artisan well or spring. There are also certain rules regarding how you label your water product.

How is Bottled Water Made on a Daily Basis

Billions of water bottles go in shopping carts each day. If you want to become part of this booming business, you’ll need to know the answer to how is bottled water made. You can’t make an FDA approved product if you remain in the dark.

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