Advice on Hiring a Flooring Contractor


If you are planning on refurbishing your commercial work space and have decided to start with flooring, you’ll have to employ a reliable, professional contractor. Flooring installation is a challenging process so it is vital that you deal with a company with plenty of experience.

Here are some tips to help you find a capable flooring contractor.

Gather References

It is always important to gather background information on potential floor installation companies before you decide to employ one, ask as many questions as possible and find out about previous projects and tasks the company have been involved in.

You can only find out some much online, so it is best to contact potential contractors and ask them can you speak to previous clients about the work they have carried out, or if times allows, go visit the client’s premises to see the finished product for yourself. If the company provides a list of well-known organisations they have worked for, and everything checks out, then you know you have found a business professional who will provide a high-quality service.

Price Inquiries

Once you have finished your background checks and narrowed down your search, approach each potential business and ask about estimation for your commercial premises. Get at least 3 flooring specialists to visit your property and see what they can offer, listen to their advice and see whether they are truly knowledgeable about flooring installation. A flooring installation expert will know exactly what material to install and will be able to provide you with various reasons as to why they have selected a particular product. Professional flooring contractors like Ajax Flooring provide a wide range of flooring solutions which perfectly suit your unique style and budget.

Contractual Agreement

Before any work starts, make sure to put pen to paper and sign a contract between the two parties involved, this safeguards the project and ensures both parties know their obligations and what must be met. The contract should include:

  • Proposed price
  • Start date / finish date
  • Material (type & amount)
  • Additional accessories
  • Additional costs

Working Hours & Safety

It is important to work with a flooring installation team who can work around your business hours and not cause too much interruption to your company and staff members. Make sure to employ a contractor who agrees to install the floor when your business is closed or during periods where it is quiet and won’t cause too much disturbance.

As a business owner, you must also consider safety, having a flooring contractor working during busy periods of the day, potentially increases the likelihood of an accident or incident occurring. Furthermore, certain types of flooring material need time to set, so you don’t want any employees or customers disturbing this process. Try to keep everyone away from the area until your contractor gives you permission to walk on the new installation.

Carry out some background research on potential flooring contractors and always inquire about their previous projects. Find out about their industry experience and choose a contractor who is knowledgeable about your specific commercial requirements.