One of the Most Significant Inventions Ever Created

air-conditioning installation

You would probably look around you and wonder what could be the greatest invention of all time? For some of us, it could be an everyday product such as the computer, coffee machine, etc. But for the majority of people who are situated in office buildings, it would be a unanimous decision that the air-conditioner is perhaps one of the greatest inventions ever created.

Importance of air-conditioning

For countries that have a hot and humid climate, the air-conditioner provides a great relief by offering cooler air that lowers the room temperature, making life more bearable. Not only does it lowers the heat, it also helps to recirculate the air inside the room, which is beneficial for enclosed spaces that are not ventilated frequently (like hotels and offices).

Various kinds of air-conditioning units

The modern air-conditioner of today has two components: the air-conditioner itself and the compressor. The compressor is normally placed outside, where it expels the heat and generates the unwanted noise. The air-conditioner is placed inside the house itself, providing cooler air. Companies that provide air-conditioning installation normally categorised the air-conditioner units into: wall-mounted, cassette type, void-mounted, floor-mounted, and even the under-ceiling type.

Cost-saving measures

Knowing about the right air-conditioning unit to be installed is beneficial to your wallet in the long run, as it can determine whether you are spending too much energy in cooling the room (which translates to higher costs), or having just the right amount of it. For example, a 200 square foot room should have a British Thermal Unit (BTU) of 6,000. For an accurate picture, you should always approach the experienced installer in calculating your cooling needs.

What happens if you have purchased the wrong unit?

Accidents do happen, and if you have purchased a unit and installed it without the proper guidance, there will be a price to pay. If the air-conditioner is too small for the room, you might be paying more to cool the entire room, and yet fail to feel the effect of the cool air. If it is too big, it might not work properly due to the excess moisture that is present, and it might even switch off and on at times.

Hidden measures to consider

There are other factors to be taken into account when choosing the right unit for your room: whether there are windows (or skylights) that allow heat to enter the room, causing the air-conditioner to work harder, and even the kind of insulation materials used in the walls.

For partitioned walls, Rockwool will help to keep the heat out and the cool air in. Walls that are made of red bricks do have these thermal properties too.

It goes without saying that in order to lengthen the lifespan of a product, regular maintenance has to be done frequently. In the case of the air-conditioner unit, it can include cleaning and checking the air filter, evaporator coil, drainage tray, and even checking if there is any leakage. Skimping on the maintenance could cause you a clogged system, which results in the unit working harder, translating into higher energy consumption.