Best Practices for Managing Visitors in an Office


The visitors in an office can exist in many forms. They can be job applicants, employee relatives, potential clients, and delivery personnel, among others. Regardless of who they are, it is important that the organization has a system for managing the visitors, which can be possible through the things that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.

Provide Visitor Badges

It is important to issue visitor badges to guests so that employees can have them easily identified. If they are walking around the office without a badge, other people may be worried that someone has been able to enter the office without being rightfully screened.

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Build a Designated Space

It is also important to have a space that is dedicated for accepting visitors and for them to wait until their contact person is available. This is in the form of an office reception. To design an impressive office reception, some of the most important things include using natural lighting, displaying art, providing magazines, having refreshments, and having disabled access, among other things. If the reception is an impressively-designed space, guests will not mind the time they have to spend waiting.

Inform the Visitors

Prior to their visit, it is important that guests are already provided with the information they have to know. For instance, give them an exact time of appointment so that they will not end up waiting longer than what is necessary. Let them know if there are any restrictions that apply, such as items that may not be allowed in the office. If there is a dress code, make sure that it is also made known beforehand.

Educate the Employees

Everyone in the office will have an important role when it comes to visitor management. Especially if it is a big potential client who is visiting, see to it that employees are educated in the way that they should behave. They should look and act professionally. One important thing is to always wear a big smile, which will make guests feel welcomed. The voices should be kept low. Employees must be proactive in doing what it takes to welcome the visitors to an office.

Analyze Data

At the end of the day, the most important would perhaps be analytics. There should be a system in place to evaluate how effective the reception is in accepting visitors. Figure out the trends that have been apparent in the past visits. Try to make sense of the available data and use it to improve visitor experience. It will also be good to gather feedback from the visitors to have an idea on what else can be done to be better.

In sum, with the tips that have been mentioned above, it will be easy for the business to manage its visitors and to create a positive impression.