What to Look for in a Security System


Perhaps one of the nicest features of modern building security systems is that you’re able to monitor the site remotely, even from anywhere in the world. This means that out of hours monitoring can be achieved effectively with the correct CCTV cameras installed, meaning that there is a reduced need to have an on-site guard. CCTV cameras are now even cheaper and easier to install than before with wireless technologies available making full coverage of your site less hassle. You’ll also want to ensure intruders are kept out, which means installing an alert system with effective sensors. To ensure the utmost safety you’ll need to have your security system regularly checked and maintained.

  • Alert System

There are two main types of intruder alarm alerts: motion-based or sound alerts. You can also set to alerts for all activities. Which kind of alert you require depends on the type of activity your business is in. As the building manager you can also choose to be alerted via email, push-alert, and also request an audible notification.

  • Camera Features

All CCTV cameras are designed differently for different uses, e.g. to detect motion, suitable for low-level light, or rugged outdoor cameras with super-wide angles. A1 Security Systems in Petersfield are specialists in all security system installations and will be able to assist with the advice for installations all across Hampshire.

  • Sensors

As well as the type of cameras, alarms and alerts, you’ll also need to know if you have the correct sensors installed for your site. For example, there are window sensors, door sensors, floor sensors, and motion sensors. You can then choose as to whether this triggers an audible alarm to deter intruders, or silently alerts your building manager.

  • Installation and Maintenance

Security systems are totally automated, and if working well can take care of your property with minimum input. However, in order for this technology to work properly, it must be correctly installed. Also it must be regularly checked and maintained, so that it stays operational. A1 Security can provide a top service for installations and guaranteed maintenance.

  • Connectivity

The best security systems these days come with external monitoring and control. If you have a central control panel, you should be able to activate your security system externally, able to turn it on and off as you please. A simple yet secure app on your tablet means that you can monitor your CCTVs cameras remotely, and also here is where you will be alerted to any unexpected intrusions.

Businesses these days need to be secure, that means installing the most advanced security systems. When doing this, you’ll need to choose the most appropriate alert systems, camera features, and sensors. You’ll also need to ensure your security system is installed correctly and is regularly maintained. Finally, you should look for useful features such as monitoring on devices and an externally managed control panel. All of these features should help you keep your site secure.