Why Are Pulleys And Chains Useful for your Food Transport And Storage Business


Food distribution warehouses need to be able to move crates of food with ease. The crates are loaded into the back of trucks and then they are taken to wholesalers and supermarkets for consumers to purchase.

The warehouse needs to work efficiently and safely. Often, it is not possible for teams of workers to lift these food containers because they are simply too heavy.

When you need to lift containers securely and safely, the best thing to use is a system of winches and pulleys. These can be used to move the food containers around.

The winches can also be used in slaughterhouses where the carcasses of slaughtered animals are being stored. Often the carcasses are too heavy for a single worker to lift and they need to be winched into the air using a chain.

When you are inspecting the chains, you should study them for a variety of different attributes. What are they?


The chain should be extremely strong. When new chain slings are bearing a large amount of weight, it needs to be extremely stable. This can be tested before you decide to purchase the chain. Several different chains may be able to take different amounts of weight, so choose carefully.


The chain should have the required length. You do not want to buy a chain which is too short or too long. Test out different lengths of the chain until you find several which is the optimum length.

Easy To Operate

The chain should be easy to operate. The chain should have a very smooth winching action, which allows food containers and carcasses to be winched into the air without any difficulty whatsoever.


The chain should be able to be lifted manually as well as with a motor. There are different ways in which chains can be lifted. The chain should be easy to lift manually when dealing with the carcass of an animal. The chain should be lifted with a motor when the load is extremely heavy such as a box of food.

When the chains have been installed, they are going to last for an extremely long time without needing to be serviced at all. You might want to have a cursory inspection every so often to make sure that everything is in order.

Why Use Steel Chains?

It is important that you use chains that are made out of steel. This is the most durable metal on the market. It is going to be able to bear an immense amount of weight. Also, steel is going to be impervious to the effects of rust and other corrosive substances. You will not have to worry about the chain developing problems.

Article Overview

The chains can be used in any situation where food is being moved and stored. This makes it perfect for a food warehouse where boxes are being loaded into trucks and also makes the chain perfect for slaughterhouses where carcasses are being stored before the final preparation takes place.