What is meant by a DBS Check


Any companies that are looking to employ new workers or volunteers or even reconsidering existing staff members, may choose to conduct a background check on certain individuals for various reasons that may relate to a company’s protection. Some companies or individuals are more interested in a criminal records bureau (these days more commonly referred to as a DBS – Disclosure and Barring Service) check than others.

  • A criminal records bureau check aims attention on the criminal record of a person or people and allows the interested client to gain knowledge of any crimes that the subject may have been convicted of before.
  • Things such as crimes involving murder, rape or robbery.
  • This is because it is commonly believed that if someone has been a convicted criminal before that there’s a strong possibility of them doing it again which puts anyone around them in danger.

Normally Used by Employers

Even though any individual can make use of professional criminal records bureau checking services, in the majority of cases it used by businesses to carry out a check on someone’s past, and people like landlords who wish to check into a potential tenant’s criminal record.

DBS tracking is performed by employers on potential employees and in some cases employers are required by law to do a criminal records bureau check, and that is definitely the case when it comes to any employees who are seeking employment with children, the elderly or disabled persons. Employers must by law check out any type of criminal records for child abuse and child abduction.

Even When Not Mandatory

When a DBS check is not deemed legally mandatory, employers can choose to conduct one for their own personal interests anyway. Should a company be wishing to hire employees, they will be liable for the employee’s actions, so if a company makes the wrong choice in hiring, it may work out costly later in many ways. Not only will an unsatisfactory decision create financial problems with payouts in the form of a lawsuit or losing funds to deceptive activities, but a business can also be seriously harmed by having the stigma of a bad reputation.

Modern Solutions

For anybody who is seeking to carry out a criminal records bureau investigation on someone, they will have a number of options. Private investigators are frequently used for someone or small companies who wish to perform a criminal background check on a particular person. And for medium to large size businesses that need multiple DBS checks, there are companies that specialise in employment screening.

Also, anyone who wishes to conduct a DBS check on anybody can easily do so through an online data broker. However, employers must be somewhat careful when conducting DBS checks on the internet and data which is there for the general public online probably will not be nowhere so accurate or updated. This is where an experienced and reliable service comes into play.

If you need accurate information, use a service that has the expertise in identity data intelligence.