Managing Physical Security of Your Business Premises

Physical Security

The physical security of your business is sometimes of the utmost priority for your enterprise. It affects the safety of your physical assets, the safety of your staff and, sometimes, even the reputation of your business. The problem, however, lies in the fact that, nowadays, the term security is often associated with the concept of data safety, seeing as how cybersecurity is seen as the utmost priority. Fortunately, tending to the physical security of your business premises is not that difficult and here are a couple of tips to help you make this much easier.

The surveillance system

The first thing you need is a surveillance system and that is quite easy to secure in this day and age. First of all, you need to ensure that you have the right system. You need to pick something that offers high enough image quality but, at the same time, doesn’t take too much of your storage space (which implies that the quality of the image shouldn’t be too high). Second, you need to stop seeing the surveillance system as a preventive measure but rather see it as a diagnostic tool. Otherwise, you would have to have someone vigilantly staring at the surveillance monitors 24/7.

An emergency plan

Sometimes things go wrong and when this happens, you need to find yourself in a situation where everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. First of all, you need to have an emergency officer, an emergency plan and regular drills so that you’re 100 percent sure that everyone knows what they’re doing. Having printed out escape routes posted everywhere can also be a great idea. This way, they can be instantly reminded of the optimal course of action.

The check-in system

The next thing you need to have control of is the number of people on your premises. For instance, having your employees to check-in is fairly easy; however, managing your customers may require a specialized customer management system. This way, you will not only have the input of the actual number of people on premises but also have a way of organizing them and planning out your work schedule. As for your employees, you can always have HID iCLASS access cards made for them. This simple tool can do a lot for your business.

The fence and the gatehouse

Sometimes it’s not just the office that you have to protect but also the surroundings. This is especially true if you have a corporate parking lot where some of the vehicles stay overnight. Also, it’s a simple and secure way to protect your premises from acts of vandalism that could tarnish your street art. All in all, an investment in the fence and the gatehouse is the simplest way in which you can get there. Other than this, keep in mind that a reliable guard officer is required to ensure that this runs as smoothly as possible.

Employee theft

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the likelihood of employee theft. Some people focus so hard on the danger that comes from the outside that they completely forget about the hazards that lurk within. First of all, screening your employees is not a 100 percent reliable method, seeing as how A) a lot of thieves never get caught and B) there’s a first time for everything. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can just skip or dismiss this hazard. Checking your inventory regularly, restricting access to valuable materials and making a buddy-system are just some ways for you to fight employee theft.

A lot of people see preparing for the disaster in advance as ominous; however, it’s better to be ready and to never actually need any of the above-listed measures than to be in desperate need of them and not be prepared. Fortunately, with the above-listed five tips under your belt, such a thing shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Just make sure to set aside enough money in your budget for physical safety and be as systematic as possible.

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