Making Sure That Your Goods Are Getting Where You Need Them to Be

Containers are piled high at the Port of Tacoma. 20Oct99 by Dick Milligan

The legendary shipping container is like a large storage box that is regularly used to load things like heavy equipment, various commercial products, and dry goods and then to be shipped around Australia and the world.

  • What is called the “basic unit” is the most popular size, made with four walls and two outward swinging doors at one end.
  • These types of container are the most cost friendly priced way of getting products transported.

Quick History Lesson

Did you know that the modern shipping container is the creation of a fellow by the name of Malcom McLean? He made it to replace the break bulk method, which was how shipping was transported prior to the 1930’s. Later on in 1961, the International Organisation for Standardisation came up with standard sizes for all containers worldwide.

Up till the present, this same container has been utilised around the planet and their production has made a massive contribution to the shipping of commerce in the past 50 – 60 odd years, effectively lowering prices for the transportation of freight.

Assorted Designs

The different types of shipping container hire in Melbourne include:

  • A wide range of designs such as:
    1. Refrigerated
    2. Flat racks
    3. Open tops
    4. And others open to modification
  • With the use of a standardised shipping container, ships, trains and trailers can easily be loaded and unloaded.
  • This keeps prices low and products cheaper than if containers are loaded and unloaded at stops along the way.
  • This is also less risk for any harm to happen to the goods during transport and theft is minimised.
  • Plus, the chances of some of the goods getting left at any place is reduced, making certain that an order reaches the buyer minus any problems.

Perfect All the Way

  • A container, uses more than just one mode of transportation to get to its planned target.
  • A container is fastened down on a flatbed truck, and then driven to where the freight will be loaded after the container has been expertly sealed.
  • The shipment is then transported overland to a rail yard.
  • At the rail yard, containers are removed from the flatbed and loaded onto an open rail car platform and transported by rail to the shipping port.
  • The container is then moved onto a ship with many other containers that are scheduled to be shipped to the same nearby location.
  • After arrival, the container is unloaded from the ship and put onto either rail or road transport or maybe even a mixture of both types to reach the buyer.

Making the Perfect Choice of Service

When selecting a container shipping service, consider exactly what it is that you want to be transported. The cost is naturally going to be very important, but, it is also vital to make use of a top class service with an excellent reputation for shipping your kind of product successfully. So, choose wisely!