How to find an original name for your company?

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Are you about to start a business or open a business? Surely you have been thinking about some names for some time, but you have not made up your mind. Usually occurs. Finding names for original companies is not easy. And neither does creating a brand. There are many things to consider during the process, that is why there are companies specialized in creating names. Also, when looking for a name for our beloved company or our beloved product, we are always very demanding. It seems that no name is good enough.

Let’s start with the basics: what do good names have in common?

  • They are easy to remember.
  • They have their own personality.
  • They do not create confusion with other brands.
  • They can be easily converted into a logo.
  • They have good sound and good reading.
  • They transmit the values of the company.
  • They do not have an expiration date.
  • They are flexible.

Okay, saying this is very easy, but how is it done? How to find an original name? How to choose the name of a company without falling into despair?

I would like to explain some techniques that copywriters use to create names. Or as it is called in the world of branding: creating namings.

But first, let’s break some myths

Some experts believe that the best names are abstract, a blank page on which you create an image. Others think the names should be informative, so that customers immediately know what your business is about. Some think that coined names (which come from made-up words) are more memorable than those that use real words. Others think they are easy to forget.

Although it seems a contradiction, the name does not have to be very descriptive nor does it need to have a clear reference to your activity as a company. Keep in mind that names never go alone, they are always located in a context that gives us clues about the type of activity of the company. A slogan, an image, a headline.

There will be markets in which it will be advisable to be more descriptive, but it is not an obligation, so do not obsess and consider other possibilities. Another great myth is that a name has to be short. For example “Amazon” is not exactly a very short name and look at the one they have bundled. What is long is nice. And it is also very easy to remember.

To find out which type of naming is best for you, I recommend that you do a little study of your competition. This way you will see who your name is going to “fight” with. If others use many Anglicism perhaps your name has to go another way. If your competition uses very classic names, it is a good idea to choose a somewhat groundbreaking name.

Types of naming

To give you a broader view of the possibilities when creating a brand name, here are the main types of naming:

  • Descriptive names. It is a name that explains what you do more or less literally.
  • Names by association. It’s about running away from the most obvious words and going a little further. Personally they are the ones that I like the most, since they are very evocative and play a lot.
  • Benefit-names. They are namings that convey the benefit of the product or service more or less directly.
  • Compound names. It consists of joining two ideas to create a new word. Hero Motocorp is a company dedicated to two wheelers motors and its name is a declaration of Hero or “Fan Favorite” for its activity.
  • Acronyms and other games taking advantage of the initials. It is typical of institutions that have very long names, such as LPU or KUK. But it can also become a creative resource. Here the challenge is to find a name with good sound and that it is more than just a succession of letters. HP the computer technologies and BMW sports vehicles company are the best example for this type of name.
  • Prefixes, suffixes and other “faces” of the language. They are elements that you can add to words to emphasize certain meanings or incorporate new nuances. With the examples you will see it more clearly: Spotify and iPhone.
  • Another option to create an original name is to mix words with numbers. It is a fairly powerful resource if used well. An example: the fashion brand Forever 21, and Drive-way shops 7-11…….

Names invented or unrelated to the activity of the company. Startup Name Generator can help you out. It is precisely what I mentioned above about Amazon. Maybe they have some meaning, but the fact is that 99% of their consumers do not know it.