How To Ensure Your Company Information Is Protected Safely

Your Company Information Is Protected Safely

Threats to your company’s information can come from many sources: mobile theft, exploiting vulnerabilities, downloading documents or software and email, among others.  As per the trends in cyber security report more than 6,000 vulnerabilities are discovered each year in systems used by companies around the world.

To stop attacks and protect against vulnerabilities, the main decision that an IT director must make is to implement security solutions to stop the risk that can arise in an organisation.

Aware your company staff

It is useless to implement security measures if nobody knows and respects them in the company. You can take training courses and develop guides to follow steps so that all data is protected and your staff is aware of the danger.

Use Spam filters for corporate email

The spam filter will allow you to control the reception of spam or unsolicited emails, which may contain viruses that compromise the security of company data. This filter transfers this type of email to a SPAM folder, but you will have to check it from time to time because non-SPAM emails may end up in that folder by mistake.

Implement data protection policy

A Personal Data Protection Policy is needed to maintain company data privacy policy for the collection, use and treatment of personal or third-party data securely from the company. This is not only needed to secure your company information only but it is of great help in case a customer complains that your organisation has misused their data, for example, an investigation will be initiated by the supervisory authority. In this process, the data protection policy will be the first evidence that the regulator seeks to see if the organisation takes the GDPR seriously.

Don’t use simple passwords

Using passwords like birthday dates or names is often insecure. Use combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols and make long passwords of more than eight characters. In addition, it is convenient that you change them from time to time.

Implement data encryption

Data encryption will help you protect confidential information if there is a security breach or in case someone loses a mobile phone or a company computer. Encryption is a very helpful method in that case to protect your data successfully.

Remember that the security of your company when handling data is utmost important to win the trust of your customers, suppliers and collaborators, as well as the very survival of your business, so information security must be an essential pillar in any strategy.