How Managed IT Services Could Benefit Your Business


Outsourcing in the corporate world has become increasingly common in recent history, with more and more companies becoming aware of the benefits outsourcing various functions of their company can bring.

One of the functions of any company which is prime for outsourcing are IT services, with several advancements in efficiency possible. If you haven’t yet made the step to outsourcing your IT provision, this article is going to detail how you could benefit in doing so.

Streamline Your Business

The more employees you have, the larger your IT department is going to need to be to support them. For companies employing hundreds of staff, it isn’t unreasonable for your IT support team to require around 20 or more employees to ensure that your company is able to run efficiently.

Outsourcing your IT provision will allow you to streamline your business by relocating IT staff to another department or reduce your total headcount, in turn providing a reduction in your overheads.

Hire IT Expertise

Depending on the industry in which you operate, your company may have the need for specialist skills which can be difficult to find in the talent pool of the area in which you’re located.

Companies offering managed IT services have to stay at the forefront of the knowledge and expertise curve to stay competitive – meaning that you can quickly find the skills you need to keep your companies IT systems safe without having to recruit members of staff.

Round the Clock IT Support

Critical functions of your business may need to be operational 24/7, either due to the services that you provide to your clients or due to the fact you have employees working for you at all hours of the day.

If any failure of your IT systems were to occur overnight or outside of business hours, this could render your business non-operational, costing you money and your reputation.

Hiring managed IT services allows you to transfer this risk to a third party who will be able to offer your company the IT support it needs, no matter the time of day or day of the week.

IT System Scalability

Rolling out IT services for a large company can be a very time and resource intensive task. And even if you’re a relatively small start-up, the steps required in getting your business online and operational can quickly eat into your capital and impact on your launch programme.

Managed IT services provide the ability of rolling out new IT systems to hundreds of employees across hundreds of computers at once, reducing your downtime and allowing you to become productive as soon as possible.

Appointing Managed IT Services Providers

There are several companies offering managed IT services in Australia, each offering a range of services that could benefit your company. We would start by looking into which IT services you could potentially outsource and then approaching a suitable provider. aLink are one such company but you won’t be short of choice so seek consultations with as many service providers as possible. You will find that most of them offer VOIP capability as well as a variety of network support services.

The efficiencies and savings in operating costs which can be generated through outsourcing are considerable so why not see how your business might be able to benefit?