Increasing cybercrimes in the world and how to stop them


The modern world is dependent on science and technology. Everything around us is using technology in one way or another. Technology has revolutionized the world and has changed our planet into a global village where every individual is connected and nothing is too far. Here are a few ways in which technology is benefiting us in our daily lives:

  • Technology has made life easier and comfortable for everyone. Most of our tasks are automated now. We can do a task by clicking a few buttons that previously took hours of manual labour. Take a look around all you would see is how advancement in technology is helping us. Modern transport, safer and comfortable housing, megastructures, daily household machines, etc. are a few examples of it.
  • There were times when sending information from one part of the world to another took days and even months. With the advancement in information technology, the world is now able to connect very easily. It is a matter of a few seconds now to send a piece of information from one part of the planet to another. This has made many tasks simpler.
  • There is another field that has shown a terrific advancement with time and has become a blessing for human ki9nd and this too is due to technology and progress in science. This field is the field of medical science. With the passing time, medical procedures and treatment have become more precise and effective. This has saved millions of lives and as given hope to many in a troubling situation.
  • Better communication means it has also made life quite easier. Even the business or cooperates around the globe are using the modern model of communication for their operations. The physical floor of stock markets sounds the globe is replaced by the digital market space that has saved us a lot of manpower and other expenses and has made the stock markets around the globe more connected. Business is not limited by the borders now, one can make a deal and conduct business with someone who is in some other country very easily through modern communication means.

These were some examples of how progress in technology and science has made our lives easier. There is another important field that has taken over the world with a boom. This is the field of information technology. In the next section, we will have a look at it.

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Information technology

Information technology is a field that has become vital for every other field of life. There might be any workspace, office, educational institution, hospital, construction or production site, etc. that is not using IT in its daily operations. IT has also made communication and broadcasting very easy. One can reach to as many people as he wants across the globe through different digital platforms. The businesses around the globe have completely changed because of it. Storing, sorting, analyzing and transferring data is also very easy and effective nowadays. Online banking, payment transfers, e-transactions have made the process simpler for many. Many books, journals, articles and researches are also published on the internet through which a large number of people can access them.

But like every other technology IT also has some drawbacks. The most dangerous one of them is cybercrime. In the following section, we will have a look at it, its different aspects and how it can be prevented.

Increasing cybercrime in the world

With thousands of positive aspects of advancement in technology, there are also some negative sides to it. The most challenging one of these negative aspects is cybercrime. Internet and networking have a vital role in the world these days. Different fields like business, education, medicine, production, communication, banking, etc. use IT in their basic procedures.

But as the use of IT has become a necessity in every field of life many problems related to it are also surfacing. The most alarming one of these problems is an increase in cybercrime all over the globe. Through cybercrimes, one can reach and manipulate critical information. It can also create malfunctioning in different systems and networks that are being used by many important institutions around the planet. Also, e-thefts and money laundering through electronic means are becoming very common these days. Piracy is another cybercrime that is very common in developing countries despite having many laws against it. All these cybercrimes can be stopped through some simple safety measures. Let’s have a look at some of them

How can we prevent cybercrime?

Cybercrime can be stopped in the following ways

  • There are many illegal and pirated content present on the internet. By discouraging and reporting this illegal content we can prevent many cybercrimes. A small act of supporting only legal content can make a very big change and also it can help to save the intellectual property of many
  • Inverting in cybersecurity can save us from big troubles. Businesses, educational institutions, banking systems, etc. should have a sophisticated team for cybersecurity so that their precious system and information can be saved from different cybercrimes.
  • There are many laws present against cybercrimes. As responsible citizens, it’s our duty to report any cybercrime or act of piracy that we might come across on the internet. This small act can be a contribution to a very big cause.

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