Asbestos Sparks a Need for Surveyors


Asbestos was a building material that was used from the 1940s through 1980s in the building of homes and businesses in the UK and in other places in the world. At that time, the product was considered top-rate as it offered insulating qualities and was fireproof. However, after a time, people also found out that the naturally-occurring mineral also carried serious health risks.

A Dangerous Substance

People exposed to the product have been diagnosed with such conditions as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. Usually, in most of these cases, the diagnosis is made after the condition has advanced. As a result, many people have died from being exposed to the substance.

Usually, any respiratory problems that stem from asbestos do not emerge until 20 or 30 years after the exposure. Therefore, people who worked with the substance in the ‘80s did not know that they were sick until 30 years after the fact. People who did not come into direct contact from the material also became sick. For example, if a husband worked with asbestos products and his wife laundered his clothing from work, she became sick as well.

Finding Jobs in the Asbestos Detection Field

Whilst builders no longer include asbestos-type products in buildings, it still must be eradicated from structures today. As a result, you can find a large number of jobs that are asbestos-related, especially in the field of detection.

In fact, some recruitment firms specialise in the placement of employees who are skilled in the areas of asbestos detection and abatement. As a result, you can find employment in the field, such as the following:

  • Asbestos analyst
  • Asbestos consultant
  • Mangers at asbestos removal companies
  • Director-level jobs at asbestos abatement firms

In addition, you can find asbestos survey jobs in abundance in the UK. Surveyors in the field are called upon to undertake an inspection of a site using an asbestos survey. This survey must be conducted so that adequate information can be provided for a risk evaluation. The information is also used so that a management plan and asbestos register can be prepared. The asbestos register is used so that the employees who plan or perform maintenance can be consulted before any work begins.

Why a Survey Is Taken

A surveyor uses the survey to obtain samples and an analysis to confirm the absence or presence of asbestos in building materials. A surveyor may visit a site several times for verification purposes. As a result, using the right type of survey is critically important to success. Asbestos surveyors normally carry out one of two types of inspections. Either the asbestos survey is categorised as a management-type survey or a demolition or refurbishment survey.

Whilst a management survey is designed for surveying the presence of asbestos in a normally occupied building, a demolition or refurbishment survey is secured when a building is being refurbished, upgraded, or demolished. In either case, surveys are conducted to ensure the safety of workers so they can take part in activities without worrying about exposure. Therefore, if you are seeking an entry-level job as a surveyor, this is a job that will give you a good start in this sector and field.