From Conception to Completion – One Stop Office Refurbishment Solutions


In former days, an office renovation required some serious co-ordination. Dealing with multiple tradespeople, the bemused client would have to use all of his considerable skills to manage the project, and all the while this is going on, there’s no one at the helm, and the client’s business suffers as a result. When you examine the various components of an office refurbishment project, it is easy to see how stressful this can be for the client, with electricians, plasterers, and IT support, all jockeying for position. Then you have the acquisition of the new furniture, and let us not forget the essential fixtures and fittings, which are really the icing on the cake, which adds up to a pretty stressful experience for the business owner.

One Shop Refurbishment

Simply put, this means that a single company will handle the entire project from start to finish, or conception to completion, thus relieving the client of the responsibility, which frees them up to focus on managing the business. Sourcing such a company is easy if you use the Internet, and whether the business owner requires dry lining systems in Coventry, or partitioning in Birmingham, a Google search should land them on the right website. This type of company specialises in comprehensive contracts, and with many years of hands-on experience across a wide range of industries, they have access to everything necessary.

The Concept

This is by far the most important stage of the project, and an established office refurbishment contractor would have an in-house team of office designers, who would first get to know the client’s business. This might involve multiple visits, and by asking questions and simply observing, the design team can begin to design the optimum office space that is built around the people who work there. Of course, the client’s input is critical, and after a series of adjustments, the design would be approved and the implementation can now be organised.

Project Manager

This is the role the client used to undertake, before a comprehensive service came to being, and ideally, the contractor would assign an experienced project manager to oversee the operation. If you are thinking such a project would involve closing the offices for a few days, you’ll be happy to hear that the work can be carried out with minimal disruption to the business. The project manager would keep the client informed at every stage of the project, and with their experience, the project would be completed on time and to budget.

Comprehensive Service

Refurbishing an office requires many items, which would likely include the following:

  • Office Furniture
  • Partitioning
  • Workstations
  • IT Equipment and Support
  • Lighting
  • Building Services

An established office fitout contractor would have access to all of the above, and more, and with every stage of the project carefully monitored, the work would be carried out in such a way that the client’s business activities would hardly be affected.

Sourcing a one shop office refurbishment contractor is not as difficult as you might think, and with a simple online search, the website details of local companies will be a good starting point.