Promote Good Health in Your Office by Installing Hand Dryers


The productivity of your office is determined in part by the ability of employees to actually be in the office and working. In places where many people are working in close proximity, promoting good health is necessary to keep your employees from getting sick and missing time in the office. If your employees miss time in the office, your business will suffer in efficiency, ultimately costing you money.

Solve the office health crisis by promoting frequent hand washing and switching out paper towels for hand dryers. Any time that anyone wipes his or her nose, sneezes, coughs, belches, or touches something that has been touched by someone else, germs are spread. It is easy to see how quickly germs can spread in close quarters. Do your part to promote health while keeping your business running smoothly with frequent hand washing and hand dryers.

Why You Should Switch From Paper Towels to Hand Dryers

Paper towels are a way to dry your hands but in an office setting, they are simply less practical than the more cost-efficient and world-friendly hand dryers. The benefits of the hand dryer far outweigh the costs, which are inexpensive after installation. Most dryers are priced at around £250 and the only recurring cost associated with the hand dryer is the cost of the electricity used. You don’t need to worry about buying paper towels with a hand dryer in your office, which means that you will have a cleaner washroom and one less thing to worry about.

Hand dryers are also much more ecologically friendly than paper towels since they produce no waste. Companies that are conscious of the current state of the world will be particularly proud of that fact.

Purchasing and Installing Your New Hand Dryer

Hand dryers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be high powered to really blast the water off your hands or they can be low powered for more sensitive skin. Higher-end dryers can be motion activated while other dryers will require the push of a button to start but come at a much lower cost.

Most commonly, hand dryers are mounted on the wall in the washroom. It is recommended that you mount your hand dryer above a drain so that any water that is blown off your employees’ hands is sent straight into the drain instead of puddling on the floor. Many providers of dryers will install and mount your device for you for a small fee, although some may do it for free with the purchase of a device through them. The colour and features of your hand dryer are left up to you.

Maximise the efficiency of your office and keep your employees in the office more often with the installation of a hand dryer. Take the opportunity to promote good health and good habits while getting the most out of your employees!