What are the Business Uses of a Plastic Dome?

plastic domes

Although you might not realise it, plastic domes play a considerable role in many business installations, in a wide range of forms. The plastic domes made by Talbot Designs, particularly those made under their Teedy umbrella, are especially popular in retail, display and exhibition circles for their unmatched clarity, versatility and strength.

But just what do businesses find so useful about these acrylic domes?

Plastic Domes – More Versatile Than You Think

For a start, a plastic dome is a much more versatile business asset than is commonly believed. Useful in display, decorative, functional or structural uses, the Teedy plastic domes from Talbot Designs can be made in a huge range of sizes and diameters, with many kept in stock at all times to allow for rapid response to orders and maximum customer satisfaction – thanks to this policy, Talbot Designs are often referred to as “the innovator of the stock acrylic dome”.

If your business needs something unique, or you would like to order a sphere (simply made by joining two domes together) then Talbot Designs are happy to make it for you on a completely bespoke basis, based on whatever requirements you have!

Can Plastic Domes Be Used in Business?

Plastic domes can be used in a wide variety of business applications, with potential uses as part of a decorative scheme, a retail display, or in functional uses – like the viewing domes in Chester Zoo or the “spin a coin” collection domes seen in many shopping centres and public areas, collecting for good causes worldwide.

More pressingly for businesses, plastic domes can be made into stunning lighting displays, eye-catching and fully 3D displays, and exhibition features which will draw the attention of customers and keep it, showing off your wares or enhancing your business’ appearance to no end!

Plastic Dome Uses

High-quality acrylic domes, like those made by Talbot Designs, can be used for business applications including:

Plastic Display Domes

Glossy, beautifully clear and well-proportioned, acrylic dome displays are becoming increasingly popular for displaying designer fashion items and high-end retail goods, like phones, jewellery and other valuable items. Not only does the dome display the item in a stylish and interesting way, it is viewable from every angle, presenting a 3D display to your customers that is sure to pique their interest! An added advantage, particularly important to many high-end businesses, is that this dome also encloses the item in question, protecting it from tampering or theft, and preventing any dust or other inclement environmental factors from soiling it.

Light Shades

The sturdy, geometrically perfect plastic domes offered by Talbot Designs can be made into stunning lightshades, illuminated domes and light globes – as completely clear, tough acrylic and polycarbonate domes, they are well suited to this purpose. Painting, sandblasting or frosting can all change the effects of the lampshade or globe, creating different lighting effects and changing the end result to suit your requirements!

Decorative Spheres

Able to be printed or sandblasted in any pattern or design, the decorative spheres from Talbot Designs come in a range of sizes and can be made to fit with any theme and setting to provide unmatched ambience and aesthetic to your customers. This is particularly true of the beautiful gold-patterned globe of Earth in the Islamic Art Centre, which Talbot Designs made specially to the Centre’s requirements.

Art Displays

When a delicate piece of 3D art needs to be adequately displayed, and yet remain protected, look no further than the art domes and art spheres made bespoke to your requirements by Talbot Designs. Perfectly clear and smooth, and made to any size requirements you may have, our displays elegantly and perfectly encapsulate any art feature which you wish to exhibit, showing it off to viewers while protecting it from tampering, damage, and ambient effects like moisture.


Resistant to weathering and sturdy enough to stand up to exterior use without any trouble, acrylic domes form Talbot Designs are ideal for use in some signage applications, like the printed Alton Towers dome which forms part of the park’s internal signage. Domes can be made to your specifications, and printed however you need them to be, creating a striking, durable sign that you can always rely on!

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