4 Reasons To Guest Blog For Other Construction Companies

Construction Companies

Standing out from the crowd in a marketplace already overloaded with businesses, is tricky for even the biggest construction companies. And while you might not automatically think of blogs and guest blogging as a means of helping your company get noticed, they could, in fact, be a simple and cost-effective way to promote your business and get people talking about you.

With research having shown that almost half of all buyers carry out thorough research before engaging with a construction company – which may include social media posts, blogs etc. – it simply makes good business sense to be connecting with your audience in as many ways as you possibly can. One highly effective way of getting a blog noticed by the right people, is to have it posted on an online business directory, such as the one here: check it out.

However, while blogs are proven to be an effective tool for online marketing within the construction industry, you might be wondering why you should take the time to write one, and then give it to another company within the construction industry instead of using it on your own website or social media account?

To help explain why guest blogging for other construction companies is such a great idea, here are 4 of its many benefits:

1. It can gain you immediate exposure to the right kind of traffic

Even if a post that you’ve written for another construction company doesn’t convince readers to visit your website and explore your business, by writing informatively about a subject that’s of value to readers and which shows your level of expertise, is often enough to garner the interest of members of your target audience.

Ultimately, a high quality, engaging and informative post could well convince more of your target audience to check your brand out, and because they’re doing so with knowledge that they’re already gained about your business, they could easily concert from mere traffic, to positive leads.

2. It can give you a higher sense of authority

Guest blogging is about so much more than merely raising awareness about a brand, and can help show potential customers that you really know your stuff when it comes to the construction industry, or whatever particular niche of the industry you might be an expert in. Showing an audience that you can display a wealth of business information and valuable knowledge about something (or many things), encourages them to find not just you to be trustworthy, but your brand also.

3. It helps build backlinks and improve SEO

If you didn’t already know it, search engine optimisation, or SEO, is essential for helping companies get online visibility, and while the major search engines have algorithms to help them decide which posts should show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), they tend to favour posts with high quality backlinks.

With relevant backlinks in blog posts from companies within your industry or niche that are big, trusted names, the more the search engines will consider you to be respected within your chosen field or marketplace. And when this happens, your business will start popping up under relevant search terms, in a higher position.

4. It can support other types of marketing strategies

When guest blogging for another construction company, you get the opportunity to include a little information about your own company, such as a bio, and in that bio, you can include links that take the reader straight to your website, or to a podcast or blog, for example. Additionally, the company you’re guest blogging for may even share it on social media, exposing you to a potentially new audience.

While guest blogging might seem counterintuitive, as you have just read, it can be incredibly beneficial for any company, and is definitely worth considering as part of your ongoing marketing strategy.