What are Tagging Guns and What Exactly are They Used For


You may have even today been somewhere and seen products which tagging guns have been used upon and not even realised it. Anyway, the humble tagging gun (Also known as a “tag attacher”) is a handy little tool which is used for fastening those price tags you see on a number of products which are for sale.

Usually, this type of device is utilised to fasten a paper or card price tag on to an item of clothing by pushing a plastic fastener through a hole in the price tag and at the same time through the clothing.

  • This device and its actions are designed to cause no damage to the clothing, yet keep the price tag handily in place.

How to make Use of it

To make use of this handy little gadget, the user simply points the tip of the gun at the price tag, which is held next to the item of clothing. It is essential for the gun’s tip to make contact with the price tag so as to ensure that a plastic fastener enters through both the price tag and the clothing.

  • After pulling the trigger, the plastic fastener is then ejected which perfectly holds the tag in place.

The plastic fastener which is ejected from the tagging gun is usually thin and clear, even though the ends are somewhat larger so as to stop the fastener being pulled out through the article of clothing or through the price tag.

Usually the Hole is Hard to Find after Removal

In spite of the wide ends on both sides of the plastic fastener, you will seldom hear of any damage being done to any garment. This is due to the wide ends being rolled inside the gun and widened after being ejected. The tiny hole which is required to let the plastic fastener go through the clothing is normally not visible afterwards.

  • In the majority of cases, any expensive pieces of clothing, or any clothes which are made with tightly woven fabrics, will not be tagged with a tagging gun because of the chance of damage occurring.

You will often see that shops have chosen to fasten price tags to the clothing’s tag (seen at the back of the neck or inside an item of clothing) so as to avoid the chance of any damage being done to the clothing. This may create some damage to the clothing tag, due to the clothing tag being made quite often of a tightly woven fabric.

On most shirts, you will often see price tags on the sleeves. Should the shirts be hung on a circularrack, the tagging gun is then used to fasten price tags on the same side of every shirt so that they can then be hung facing the same way with the price tag on the outside.

  • Any customers can then easily check the price of the shirt without having to pull it around.

Tagging guns – making life easier for shoppers and shops alike!