Stage Lighting 101 – What You Need to Know


Setting up a stage is not an easy task by any means. Since the stage is the centre of attention at any event or party, it’s obviously important that all parts of the stage are very well-lit and that everything is properly decorated. If you want to make sure that the names of sponsors are also clearly highlighted on the stage, it’s important that you maintain a balance between what looks good and what is functional. One of the most important elements that affects the décor of the stage, as well as the overall event, is the lighting on the stage.

If the stage is not properly lit, it will be difficult for you to view people who are talking up there. If you are hosting a big event that’s going to attract a large crowd in the night, it’s obviously important that the stage remains well-lit. Stage-lighting work should be done by a professional who knows how to set up the lighting grid and can ensure that the stage lights don’t get in the way of the viewer’s vision. Here are some key things that you should know about stage lighting and equipment.

Renting Stage Lighting

For almost any kind of event that requires a stage, you will need to hire a professional to set up the lighting. Many companies offer stage lighting for rent and will also install it for you. For instance, the Conference Audio Visual stage lighting is a fantastic choice for all kinds of events. The company will set up the stage after discussing with the event organisers and will make sure that there’s adequate lighting for any kind of performance.

Many organisers want the lights to flicker or change in colour depending upon the performance, so the lighting must also be synchronised accordingly. The company will set up the monitors and computers to control the stage lighting accordingly. If the lighting must be synced in tune with music or a performance, they will also assign an attendant to oversee the lights and the movements.

Setting Up the Grid

The grid for the stage lighting will be installed a day or two before an event, when the entire stage is being set up. The company will have to make sure that the integrity of the stage remains firm, and the grid is usually installed overhead. This allows for maximum flexibility when moving the spotlights from one point to another. Once you choose the kind of lighting you want, the company will give you a fixed-price quote for the rental. You can negotiate a little bit for the lighting, but due to the niche nature of this service, there’s not much leeway for you to negotiate and bring the price down.