How to Build a Local Social Media Following?



For a small business, every second and cent spent on marketing needs to have a direct impact on the revenue generated. Remember, a small business does not treat marketing like a vanity metric. No, a local business would consider every marketing vertical as an opportunity to get more relevant people to become customers.

Amongst the marketing verticals, a small and local business considers is social media. Social media is often viewed by most from a global perspective. This is usually because we have grown accustomed to learning more about the world through social media.

For a local business, getting followers from around the world is a less enticing scenario compared to getting a dedicated local following that can be converted into paying customers. In this article, we discuss how small companies can build local social media following.

Create Content Rich with Local Context

As a local business, you should be talking about local problems and topics on social media. There is less you can achieve when talking about issues which are popular but have no local context or relation with your audience.

This is the first step in gaining more local followers. It is natural for an account that talks about local issues to have a more local following. Remember, the style in which the content is phrased has to be framed in a local style as well. For instance, if you’re a business located in Chennai, writing posts in Tamil along with English or at least slipping Tamil slang somewhere is the right step.

Run Awareness Campaigns in Local Regions

Awareness campaigns on social media are crucial to quickly build an audience. These days, most major social media platforms allow advertisers to run targeted paid campaigns to a highly specific audience. Small businesses should think about running monthly paid campaigns that help generate awareness about the brand amongst the local audience and enthuse efforts to build a local following.

In Conclusion

The segments of people who follow a social media account say a lot about a brand. In the case of small and local businesses, social media is a platform where they can reach relevant audiences with the right messaging and marketing tactics. Even though social media is a global set of platforms, small businesses ideally try building a local following for their profile. In this article, we discuss how a local social media following can be built.

About the Author- Kumar Sengupta is a digital marketing entrepreneur who has founded three successful ventures in his ten-year-long career. He currently works as a consultant at and frequently writes guest posts for their blog. The training institute is very well-known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.