How Does a VoIP Phone Actually Work and what is it used for


You may have heard of or seen the abbreviation VoIP somewhere as of late as it has become increasingly popular with time, but what is it all about?

Digital Tech

What is known as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone is a kind of phone that utilises digital technology to make phone calls over the Internet instead of using traditional telephone lines. Using this type of phone lets users circumvent common phone companies completely, using all calls over the Internet.

VoIP services require that any users will have to use a digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service. In spite of the distinctness of the technology, which is used when making VoIP calls, the dialling, talking, and receiving of phone calls is all very much the same as is people experience with traditional landline telephones.

Plugging in and Cheaper Phone Usage

No alternative kind of phone is required for the use of a VoIP phone from Birchills. In most cases, VoIP service providers provide their customers with something called a telephony adapter (TAs). The TA is then plugged into the client’s cable or DSL modem and converts electronic data from the customer’s telephone into specialised Internet protocol (IP) packets that are sent over the Internet. Any home phone which a customer has can be easily plugged into the TA and used for making VoIP phone calls.

A lot of people select VoIP phone services due to them being much cheaper than the old traditional landline utilities. VoIP services also provide extremely cheap international long-distance fees. The high costs of international calls from the past are simply a thing of ….the past! Plus, any calls within the network are normally without charge.

Sound and Speed

Surprisingly, there is no real difference in the quality of sound when using a VoIP service, although some users might occasionally encounter slight drops in sound quality, which might be related to heavy network traffic.

Alongside its cost friendly aspects, a VoIP phone brings with it other benefits, such as the speed at which calls are placed over the phone, due to data being transferred a lot faster than with a landline phone. Amazingly, you can make around four VoIP calls in the same time it would take to place a simple one 10-minute telephone call using the traditional method.

Versatility Galore

A VoIP telephone can also go with you on the road, getting it plugged in at places like hotels, your friend’s abode, or practically anywhere with access to a broadband connection. By easily plugging the TA into an existing broadband connection, you can easily use your phone to make and receive any calls. This does away with any need for call forwarding and will definitely help in saving expenditure on costly hotel call bills.

The bad old days of connecting and making expensive phone calls are now gone forever thanks to the modern and simple usage of VoIP phone calls.