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One of the Most Significant Inventions Ever Created

You would probably look around you and wonder what could be the greatest invention of all time? For some of us, it could be an everyday product such as the computer, coffee machine, etc. But for the majority of people who are situated in office buildings, it would be a unanimous decision that the air-conditioner is perhaps one of the greatest inventions ever created.

Importance of air-conditioning

For countries that have a hot and humid climate, the air-conditioner provides a great relief by offering cooler air that lowers the room temperature, making life more bearable. Not only does it lowers the heat, it also helps to recirculate the air inside the room, which is beneficial for enclosed spaces that are not ventilated frequently (like hotels and offices).

Various kinds of air-conditioning units

The modern air-conditioner of today has two components: the air-conditioner itself and the compressor. The compressor is normally placed outside, where it expels the heat and generates the unwanted noise. The air-conditioner is placed inside the house itself, providing cooler air. Companies that provide air-conditioning installation normally categorised the air-conditioner units into: wall-mounted, cassette type, void-mounted, floor-mounted, and even the under-ceiling type.

Cost-saving measures

Knowing about the right air-conditioning unit to be installed is beneficial to your wallet in the long run, as it can determine whether you are spending too much energy in cooling the room (which translates to higher costs), or having just the right amount of it. For example, a 200 square foot room should have a British Thermal Unit (BTU) of 6,000. For an accurate picture, you should always approach the experienced installer in calculating your cooling needs.

What happens if you have purchased the wrong unit?

Accidents do happen, and if you have purchased a unit and installed it without the proper guidance, there will be a price to pay. If the air-conditioner is too small for the room, you might be paying more to cool the entire room, and yet fail to feel the effect of the cool air. If it is too big, it might not work properly due to the excess moisture that is present, and it might even switch off and on at times.

Hidden measures to consider

There are other factors to be taken into account when choosing the right unit for your room: whether there are windows (or skylights) that allow heat to enter the room, causing the air-conditioner to work harder, and even the kind of insulation materials used in the walls.

For partitioned walls, Rockwool will help to keep the heat out and the cool air in. Walls that are made of red bricks do have these thermal properties too.

It goes without saying that in order to lengthen the lifespan of a product, regular maintenance has to be done frequently. In the case of the air-conditioner unit, it can include cleaning and checking the air filter, evaporator coil, drainage tray, and even checking if there is any leakage. Skimping on the maintenance could cause you a clogged system, which results in the unit working harder, translating into higher energy consumption.

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What are the Business Uses of a Plastic Dome?

Although you might not realise it, plastic domes play a considerable role in many business installations, in a wide range of forms. The plastic domes made by Talbot Designs, particularly those made under their Teedy umbrella, are especially popular in retail, display and exhibition circles for their unmatched clarity, versatility and strength.

But just what do businesses find so useful about these acrylic domes?

Plastic Domes – More Versatile Than You Think

For a start, a plastic dome is a much more versatile business asset than is commonly believed. Useful in display, decorative, functional or structural uses, the Teedy plastic domes from Talbot Designs can be made in a huge range of sizes and diameters, with many kept in stock at all times to allow for rapid response to orders and maximum customer satisfaction – thanks to this policy, Talbot Designs are often referred to as “the innovator of the stock acrylic dome”.

If your business needs something unique, or you would like to order a sphere (simply made by joining two domes together) then Talbot Designs are happy to make it for you on a completely bespoke basis, based on whatever requirements you have!

Can Plastic Domes Be Used in Business?

Plastic domes can be used in a wide variety of business applications, with potential uses as part of a decorative scheme, a retail display, or in functional uses – like the viewing domes in Chester Zoo or the “spin a coin” collection domes seen in many shopping centres and public areas, collecting for good causes worldwide.

More pressingly for businesses, plastic domes can be made into stunning lighting displays, eye-catching and fully 3D displays, and exhibition features which will draw the attention of customers and keep it, showing off your wares or enhancing your business’ appearance to no end!

Plastic Dome Uses

High-quality acrylic domes, like those made by Talbot Designs, can be used for business applications including:

Plastic Display Domes

Glossy, beautifully clear and well-proportioned, acrylic dome displays are becoming increasingly popular for displaying designer fashion items and high-end retail goods, like phones, jewellery and other valuable items. Not only does the dome display the item in a stylish and interesting way, it is viewable from every angle, presenting a 3D display to your customers that is sure to pique their interest! An added advantage, particularly important to many high-end businesses, is that this dome also encloses the item in question, protecting it from tampering or theft, and preventing any dust or other inclement environmental factors from soiling it.

Light Shades

The sturdy, geometrically perfect plastic domes offered by Talbot Designs can be made into stunning lightshades, illuminated domes and light globes – as completely clear, tough acrylic and polycarbonate domes, they are well suited to this purpose. Painting, sandblasting or frosting can all change the effects of the lampshade or globe, creating different lighting effects and changing the end result to suit your requirements!

Decorative Spheres

Able to be printed or sandblasted in any pattern or design, the decorative spheres from Talbot Designs come in a range of sizes and can be made to fit with any theme and setting to provide unmatched ambience and aesthetic to your customers. This is particularly true of the beautiful gold-patterned globe of Earth in the Islamic Art Centre, which Talbot Designs made specially to the Centre’s requirements.

Art Displays

When a delicate piece of 3D art needs to be adequately displayed, and yet remain protected, look no further than the art domes and art spheres made bespoke to your requirements by Talbot Designs. Perfectly clear and smooth, and made to any size requirements you may have, our displays elegantly and perfectly encapsulate any art feature which you wish to exhibit, showing it off to viewers while protecting it from tampering, damage, and ambient effects like moisture.


Resistant to weathering and sturdy enough to stand up to exterior use without any trouble, acrylic domes form Talbot Designs are ideal for use in some signage applications, like the printed Alton Towers dome which forms part of the park’s internal signage. Domes can be made to your specifications, and printed however you need them to be, creating a striking, durable sign that you can always rely on!

Contact Talbot Designs for Industry-Leading Plastic Domes Today!

For more information, get in touch with Talbot Designs today by calling 020 8346 8515 or following the links embedded in this blog post, which will lead you to the official Talbot Designs website, where you can browse past projects completed by this company, read more about their capabilities and achievements, and make enquiries!

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How to Properly Utilise Dried Fruit for Your Food Business or Establishment

Dried fruit has been around for centuries, and one interesting fact is that dried fruit such as glace or candied fruit has had a longer history than most, being used as a prime ingredient in desserts such as German stollen and Italian panettone for years. In the UK, we have our share of dried fruits in desserts, particularly in the ever-popular mince pie.

Dried fruits such as sultanas and raisins as well as dried apricots, peaches, and pears are used extensively as mixes for ready to eat products such as cereals and muesli, and they are also found in pasta sauces and rice mixes as well (particularly those with a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern twist). If you have your own restaurant or have a food establishment preparing and producing food products, you may be interested to know what you can really do with dried fruit. Here, then, is how to properly utilise dried fruit for your food business or establishment.

Daily menu options

The great aspect of dried fruit is that it can be easily incorporated into a menu since it can be used for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or supper. The most obvious way to use dried fruit for breakfast, for instance, is in cereals or muesli, or in pancakes and waffles and other sweet treats. If you have a food production company and you want to expand your breakfast options, you can include dried fruit in instant oatmeal boxes and packets. Another option would be to add dried fruit such as currants, raisins, figs, and apricots to granola bars and other high energy snacks.

Dried fruit is also being used more in the production of frozen pizzas, especially dried tomatoes and bell peppers. Your lunch menu can also be easily transformed with the addition of dried fruit in vegetable salads and in appetizers.

For dressings and sauces and mixes for bread

If you offer salads in your restaurant, you can make use of dried fruits for more unique and tasty salad dressings and sauces, especially pasta sauces. The same is true if you have a bakery – you can add dried fruit fillings such as sultanas or dried apricots to bread such as focaccia bread to give your customers a unique option.

The use of dried fruit in food and restaurant establishments has expanded in recent years, and one reason for this is its affordability compared to fresh fruit. You can also do more with dried fruit as it doesn’t easily spoil, and it can handle more complex dishes as well. In order to save more on your use of dried fruit, it’s better to look for wholesale dried fruit – this gives you extra savings since buying in bulk often comes with discounts, but just make sure the fruit is of the highest quality.

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Tips for Renting a Microphone

Microphones are commonly used for different kinds of events. If you are going to set up a stage and are hosting a show, having a microphone could make the whole thing very easy. Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, or any other large gathering, having a microphone will allow you to ensure that your voice reaches everyone at the venue without having to shout at the top of your lungs. Instead of buying expensive microphones for your needs, you should consider renting one for the event. If this is a one-time event, there’s no need for you to spend a large sum of money on buying a new microphone. Here are a few tips on how to rent a microphone for an upcoming event.

The first decision that you will have to make is to choose between a wired and a wireless microphone. Wireless microphones are slightly more expensive as compared to wired microphones, but they also offer tangible benefits. First of all, you can move around the entire event venue without having to worry about being restricted by a cable. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about the cables getting tangled somewhere or the connection coming loose from the amplifier. The connection made using a wireless microphone is uninterruptible, and you don’t need to worry about disruptions in sound either. Without a physical cable running around on the floor, the area also looks considerably cleaner and better; you don’t need to worry about long wires strewn all over the floors.

Considering Your Options

There are numerous audio-visual companies in the city that offer microphone hire services. They have a wide range of microphones that you can choose from, including condenser microphones and dynamic microphones as well as lapel microphones and shotgun microphones. Depending upon your needs, you can choose the microphone. When you visit the company’s offices, you should ask them to show you different microphones and let them know the kind of event you are planning. They will be able to guide you about which microphone would be the best choice depending upon the kind of event.

Setting It Up

Some companies only offer direct rental services, while others will also set up the amplifier and the entire sound system for you. However, when setting up the microphone, you should check whether the microphone offers good resistance to feedback. Secondly, the microphone should have a textured grip so that you can move around freely without the risk of dropping the microphone. Also, before the event begins, you should check the battery and make sure that the microphone has been fully charged. These are a few important considerations that you should know about renting a microphone.

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Stage Lighting 101 – What You Need to Know

Setting up a stage is not an easy task by any means. Since the stage is the centre of attention at any event or party, it’s obviously important that all parts of the stage are very well-lit and that everything is properly decorated. If you want to make sure that the names of sponsors are also clearly highlighted on the stage, it’s important that you maintain a balance between what looks good and what is functional. One of the most important elements that affects the décor of the stage, as well as the overall event, is the lighting on the stage.

If the stage is not properly lit, it will be difficult for you to view people who are talking up there. If you are hosting a big event that’s going to attract a large crowd in the night, it’s obviously important that the stage remains well-lit. Stage-lighting work should be done by a professional who knows how to set up the lighting grid and can ensure that the stage lights don’t get in the way of the viewer’s vision. Here are some key things that you should know about stage lighting and equipment.

Renting Stage Lighting

For almost any kind of event that requires a stage, you will need to hire a professional to set up the lighting. Many companies offer stage lighting for rent and will also install it for you. For instance, the Conference Audio Visual stage lighting is a fantastic choice for all kinds of events. The company will set up the stage after discussing with the event organisers and will make sure that there’s adequate lighting for any kind of performance.

Many organisers want the lights to flicker or change in colour depending upon the performance, so the lighting must also be synchronised accordingly. The company will set up the monitors and computers to control the stage lighting accordingly. If the lighting must be synced in tune with music or a performance, they will also assign an attendant to oversee the lights and the movements.

Setting Up the Grid

The grid for the stage lighting will be installed a day or two before an event, when the entire stage is being set up. The company will have to make sure that the integrity of the stage remains firm, and the grid is usually installed overhead. This allows for maximum flexibility when moving the spotlights from one point to another. Once you choose the kind of lighting you want, the company will give you a fixed-price quote for the rental. You can negotiate a little bit for the lighting, but due to the niche nature of this service, there’s not much leeway for you to negotiate and bring the price down.

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Cafes, Catering, And Countertops: Finding A Coffee Supplier That Covers It All

If you are coffee-conscious and pay attention to quality or take pride in your ability to make a great cup of coffee, then you know the role that professional equipment and proper technique can play in this process.

Professional coffee machinery is almost a requirement for a coffee-offering business, but there is a machine to fit all occasions and locations. If you are on the search for coffee products, you should at least be aware of your options and where you can find the best equipment.

Different Machine Types

  • Traditional Machines: Fitting for your restaurant, café, or office, classic coffee and espresso makers are always an excellent source for great coffee.
  • Table Top Machines: For high-traffic areas, tabletop machines provide easy access to an instant cup of coffee.
  • Bean-to-Cup Machines: An incredible advance in the coffee-making industry, bean-to-cup machines grind, filter, and dispense a high-quality cup of coffee in seconds with unbeatable freshness.
  • Catering Machines: Machines explicitly designed for catering services allow for high-volume storage in thermal containers, satisfying all your guests’ caffeine cravings.

Know How to Use Your Coffee or Espresso Machine

For cafes, companies, and caterers, the quality of your coffee can very well be one of the most memorable parts of your customers’ experience, and your job as a barista is to be able to use your coffee machine to its maximum potential. This not only involves mechanics but technique, cleaning, and coffee quality and freshness as well.

If you visit, you will find a coffee company that not only supplies all things coffee-related but also offers comprehensive training programs for newly installed machines, having a passion for perfection that they pass on to their clients.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or purchasing a new coffee machine for the house; knowing how to use it will be the difference between mediocre and magnificent.

Additional Coffee Supplies and Accessories

Other than professional-grade coffee makers, you can browse through some of the incredible and exciting coffee supplies and accessories that are sure to enhance your coffee experience even further.

  • High-volume coffee grinders for those who prefer to buy coffee by the beans
  • Ground coffee dispensers that keep your coffee fresh and airtight
  • Quality kinds of milk, creamers, flavours, and sweeteners for those who enjoy a little variety in their coffee
  • Coffee filters and disposable cups and lids
  • Water filters for supplying your coffee makers with high-quality H20

Don’t go without these coffee and espresso essentials, especially if you operate a business or catering service. With the right supplier, you can find all of these and more.

Coffee is omnipresent, and as a business, you almost can’t afford to be without it. To keep up with the competition, you will need some excellent coffee and an excellent coffee machine. With the available training services, you will have no excuse not to put yourself in the running for the best coffee in town.

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What are Tagging Guns and What Exactly are They Used For

You may have even today been somewhere and seen products which tagging guns have been used upon and not even realised it. Anyway, the humble tagging gun (Also known as a “tag attacher”) is a handy little tool which is used for fastening those price tags you see on a number of products which are for sale.

Usually, this type of device is utilised to fasten a paper or card price tag on to an item of clothing by pushing a plastic fastener through a hole in the price tag and at the same time through the clothing.

  • This device and its actions are designed to cause no damage to the clothing, yet keep the price tag handily in place.

How to make Use of it

To make use of this handy little gadget, the user simply points the tip of the gun at the price tag, which is held next to the item of clothing. It is essential for the gun’s tip to make contact with the price tag so as to ensure that a plastic fastener enters through both the price tag and the clothing.

  • After pulling the trigger, the plastic fastener is then ejected which perfectly holds the tag in place.

The plastic fastener which is ejected from the tagging gun is usually thin and clear, even though the ends are somewhat larger so as to stop the fastener being pulled out through the article of clothing or through the price tag.

Usually the Hole is Hard to Find after Removal

In spite of the wide ends on both sides of the plastic fastener, you will seldom hear of any damage being done to any garment. This is due to the wide ends being rolled inside the gun and widened after being ejected. The tiny hole which is required to let the plastic fastener go through the clothing is normally not visible afterwards.

  • In the majority of cases, any expensive pieces of clothing, or any clothes which are made with tightly woven fabrics, will not be tagged with a tagging gun because of the chance of damage occurring.

You will often see that shops have chosen to fasten price tags to the clothing’s tag (seen at the back of the neck or inside an item of clothing) so as to avoid the chance of any damage being done to the clothing. This may create some damage to the clothing tag, due to the clothing tag being made quite often of a tightly woven fabric.

On most shirts, you will often see price tags on the sleeves. Should the shirts be hung on a circularrack, the tagging gun is then used to fasten price tags on the same side of every shirt so that they can then be hung facing the same way with the price tag on the outside.

  • Any customers can then easily check the price of the shirt without having to pull it around.

Tagging guns – making life easier for shoppers and shops alike!

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Six Advantages Retailers Gain from Private Labelling

Developing and manufacturing a product requires hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds. Fortunately, retail businesses can put their logo and name on anything from clothing, to supplements, to food by contracting with manufacturers to supply their needs. The basics of branding article may help. Private labelling has many benefits for the retailer, including those below.

What Is Private Labelling?

Private labelling allows a retailer to put their brand name and logo on a product made by a third-party manufacturer. These products include:

  • Beverages
  • Paper goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Frozen foods
  • Dairy products
  • Supplements
  • Clothing

Product Control

One of the advantages of buying a private label is that the retailer has control over the product. They can determine what goes in it, the quality of the ingredients, the packaging, and the design of the label. Then, the manufacturer packages and ships the product directly to the retailer.

Pricing Control

Since the retailer can control what’s in the product, they can control the cost of the product and their profit pricing. If they have a higher-quality product, they may not make as much profit since better-quality ingredients cost more. However, their brand can make money by gaining an excellent reputation for having high-quality products for a reasonable price.

Product Branding

A retailer gets to decide on the packaging and label designs, which can help boost their brand Image. Along with the design, the retailer controls the information on the label, including the name of the product, the description, and contact information. This allows your company’s brand name to be identified with the product.

Fewer Competitors

By buying a private label, it is harder for your competitors to match your products, especially the quality, and price checks them. For instance, if your store decides to sell supplements under their name, your company can contract with a supplement manufacturers private label in the UK and make it more difficult for your competitors to match the quality and price of those products.

More Adaptable

Smaller retailers can address trends faster than larger companies due to private labelling. By going to a manufacturer, they can get a product in production quicker and get it on their shelves faster than a company that does their manufacturing. Also, if it is not a niche a larger group is interested in, a smaller company can take advantage of that and capture that niche for themselves.

High-Profit Margins

Some products have a high-profit margin, which can help a retailer make money through private labelling. For instance, apparel margins can be as high as 80%, and private label supplements can provide a retailer with double the profits over national brand-name supplements. Being able to control what goes in the supplement gives the retailer an advantage over their competition.

Private labelling is a good way for retailers to build their brand and gain a favourable reputation with their customers. By controlling the ingredients and their quality, they can win and keep customers that want supplements that will be good for their bodies, while saving them money.

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How Your Linens Speak Volumes

Hotels, restaurants, and catering companies all go through linens at a rapid rate and can struggle in keeping up with the demand of keeping them clean and ready for the next use without help from an outside company who specialises in this service. It’s important when choosing a company to trust with the laundering of your linens that you only select someone who has the experience and reputation to ensure that your linens come back to you looking new, crisp, and ready to use right away. A company that values communication and is quick to respond to your enquiries will likely be a pleasure to work with and will be prompt in returning to you your fresh linens. In addition, some linen washing companies will allow their clients to rent out the linens they need.

Kitchen Services

Everyone knows that appearance in the kitchen is important and can play a huge role in the success and overall feeling of a restaurant. One of the most important pieces of clothing in the kitchen is the chef’s jacket. This jacket is more than symbolic; it also affords the chef a high level of respect that they may not otherwise be able to command from the rest of the staff and the people dining in the restaurant. This jacket keeps the chef looking crisp, fresh, and qualified to do their job. It’s important that the chef jacket you have looks great, is clean, and sets the chef apart from the rest of the staff in the kitchen.


In addition to renting out clothing for the kitchen staff, companies such as also rent out linens as well as offer cleaning services for their customers. Restaurants and hotels are both held to high standards by their customers and reviewers, which is why it’s so important to have high-quality linens available for customers to use. A lot can be said about a company by what kind of linens they use. High-quality tablecloths and napkins will set a restaurant or hotel apart from their competitors and will give the appearance of excellence, while dirty and dingy linens will make a company look like they don’t care.

Don’t leave the reputation of your company up to linens that are dirty and not pressed, or chef’s clothing that looks tattered and stained. It’s imperative that you create a great reputation for your company, and one of the ways to do that is to rely on fresh, clean linens for all of your needs. Taking care of your linens and clothing will show your customers and employees that you value them, take pride in your appearance, and will work hard to ensure that everything meets or exceeds the high standards you have set for your company.

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The Advantages of Using Telehandlers

Telehandlers are an appreciated tool amongst heavy machinery options. The equipment, which also goes by such names as a telescopic handler or boom lift, is used in both industry and agriculture. You might say that the machine is a hybrid of a boom and forklift combined. The boom, which is designed to reach forward and upward, can be fitted with one of the various attachments. These accessories include such items as buckets, mud grabs, winches, or pallet forks. View the HSE website to understand the regulations regarding construction equipment.

Industry Uses

In the industry sector, a telehandler is often used with a pallet fork to move loads that cannot be accessed by a traditional forklift. For example, a telehandler may be used to transport palletised loads and place them in a high place such as a roof. Otherwise, the operator would have to use a crane, which would not be a good alternative. Not only is a crane large but it also would be more challenging to navigate.

The primary benefit of a telehandler, its boom, can also cause the equipment to become unstable. Therefore, the capacity for the machine to lift heavy loads decreases as the radius increases. The radius represents the distance from the centre of a load to the front wheels on the machine. However, to counteract this effect, the machine can be fitted with stabilisers on the front that permit the equipment to lift more weight while it is stationary.

Nevertheless, telehandlers can still accommodate weighty loads. For example, even if the boom length spans from six metres to 46 metres, the equipment can support loads from 2.5 tonnes to 45 tonnes overall.

Although telehandlers are used in a variety of applications, a telehandler hire is preferred over purchase in the construction industry. That is because the machine is particularly helpful in multi-storey construction. Professionals in the construction industry recognise the equipment for its versatility.

For instance, a telehandler can be used on rough surfaces such as grass or uneven pavement. Also, the machine can adroitly handle terrains that are marked by aggregate or debris. Telehandlers are also popular on farms where they are used to transport forage or supplies. They can be driven over the boggy ground as easily as on harder terrains.

A Popular Construction or Farm Tool

Most telehandlers are hired as users can avail themselves of access to the latest in telehandler equipment. Also, construction firms are more risk-conscious these days, which makes hiring an attractive option. The whole idea of hiring a telehandler is related to uptime.

Because companies want to ensure efficient and fast service, they need versatile machines. A telehandler offers these advantages. Construction companies and agricultural operations focus on many time-sensitive activities. Therefore, they need to use equipment that will satisfy these needs.

Telehandlers have both off-road and on-road capabilities. Therefore, they are versatile for navigation. Not only can telehandlers carry heavy loads but rotational telehandlers can work in confined spaces. In fact, you can choose from one of three types of telehandlers for hire. These machines include the following:

  • Standard Fixed Boom Model: Basic telehandler used in agriculture and construction
  • Rotational Telehandler: Used primarily in the construction sector
  • Heavy-Lift Model: Normally used for mining

If you want the operational convenience offered by a forklift and the strength provided by a crane, a telehandler is an ideal choice for your project or work site activities.