Why Do You Need Expert Advice While Making Investment in Pink Diamonds?

Why Do You Need Expert Advice While Making Investment in Pink Diamonds?

Current turbulent political and economic conditions have made investors extra cautious about their money. New and better avenues are being explored. One of them is investing in pink diamonds. A tangible possession; pink diamonds are considered a worthwhile investment because of their portability, expected increase in demand, appreciation as a commodity and social-status symbol, etc.

However, investing in pink diamonds is no mean task. Purchasing a pink diamond not only requires high investment but a microscopic change between two diamonds can lead to a serious price difference. Thus, you always need an expert beside you while making the purchase. Let’s explore a few facts that highlight the need for expert advice as mandatory while making the investment.


Coloured diamonds have different parameters of consideration than normal white diamonds. Numerous pink diamond facts need to be kept in mind while purchasing. The foremost consideration is the origin of the diamond. You get both natural and lab-created pink diamonds of which the former will tag a much higher price. An untrained eye cannot find and categorize the two. It’s a pink diamond expert only who can differentiate between the two.


The hue of a pink diamond can vary from intense pink to very light pink. They may also ooze a pure hue or dazzle with a secondary hue of less rare colour like brown or purple. Pure hues fetch a higher price than mixed hues. The intensity of colour also impacts the diamond cost. The true value of the pink diamond can thus only be ascertained by an expert who would correctly diagnose the right hue and appropriate value.


The importance of the weight of the diamond, measured in carats is known to all. Lower weight diamonds will be cheaper than the heavier and larger sized diamonds. The correct weight and pricing can be pinpointed by an expert. For a layman, any two diamonds might feel the same weight but a hair’s difference in their weight would significantly change their value. It is an expert who can weigh them precisely and state the true value.


A major parameter for determining the value of any diamond is its clarity and pink diamond is no different. The clarity is deduced from the diamond’s shine, its quality and intensity of reflection as well as the extent of internal and external defects. An expert has the necessary tools and knowledge to infer precise clarity for any diamond.

Cut and shape:

For a layman, the line between ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ of a diamond is blurred and mean the same. It is an expert who understands the difference. The cut refers to its quality of polish and the precision in cutting. This impacts its radiance and dazzle.

Shape refers to the exterior shape which impacts the way the light is reflected to accentuate the colour. Oval and pear-shaped pink diamonds attract high value while heart, radiant and cushion are other popular versions.

As clear, checking a pink diamond on all above parameters can only be done by an expert. Thus, to safeguard your investment; you must seek expert advice at the time of purchase.