How the contact center market is booming worldwide


The contact center market revolves around inbound and outbound communication or a hybrid of both. The contact center professionals are responsible for interacting with customers via web chat and emails. Its market ensures the setting up of supportive communication channels which manage the hardware and software of the contact center. Companies across the globe usually outsource these tasks to cloud providers and to other hosting companies to ease operations. Host companies are also making use of social media, mobile analytics as well as better consumer interactions to carry out their businesses more efficiently. All these factors cumulatively have resulted in overall market expansion.

Cloud-Based Contact Centers Causing Paradigm Shift In The Sector

Various advancements in technology have resulted in the advent of Business Process Automation (BPA) which is reducing the workload of customer care representatives. For instance, the introduction of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software is aiding the customer-centric organizations to expand and qualitatively increase their productivity. The emergence and working of cloud-based contact centers have made a paradigm shift in the market of contact centers globally. Their growth has further allowed organizations to reinforce the data-oriented safety of personal and confidential information through the use of web security and a centralized database system. Additionally, it provides multiple customer points of contact which allows the access of remote data whenever necessary.

The complete employment of cloud-based contact centers has intensified over the years. It has become crucial for major organizations to maintain a stable as well as a consistent relationship with the customers as this fosters better brand loyalty and brand positioning.

Major Factors For the Expansion and Growth Of Contact Centers

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software is flourishing in design and capabilities and this is making the job work of contact center professionals easier and more efficient. This software helps reduce the number of call drops, thereby improving customer satisfaction. Other technical advancements include the improved communication and synchronization between customers and professionals at the training as well as consulting level. The deployment segment in the contact center market share is expected to have double-digit growth in the coming few years because of a rise in the companies having a target market which is located beyond international boundaries.

The regions of Asia Pacific is observing rapid digitization and industrialization initiatives undertaken by the local governments in this region. There has been rapid technological advancements in the field of Customer Relationship Management as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This is expected to boost the quality and quantity of consumer interaction with brands which will further help brands collect feedback data and improve operations. Omnichannel and integrated channel communication are enabling companies to retain their customers by taking their requests, grievances, and feedback in a detailed manner. This is expected to accelerate the industrial growth as the customers are able to now interact over social media, over phone calls, on the website as well as through AI-based dialogue boxes, etc. Major players in the contact center market are Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Mitel Corporation, Enghouse Interactive; and Cisco Systems.