Where To Buy Juul In Australia


If you live in Australia you’ve probably heard about JUUL, Americas fastest growing vaporizer. You’ve also probably noticed that JUUL dont ship to Australia. In this article I will explain how to get the best (in my opinion) vaping device on the market today.

What makes JUUL better than your traditional clunky vape? It’s easy to use, it looks cool and the pod system makes switching out flavours easy and mess free. Fussing around with batteries, mods and leaking oils is a thing of the past now that JUUL is on the market.

JUUL is madde by the company who created the number 1 selling dry herb vape (the PAX) so they know what they’re doing. Okay so I live in Australia, where do I buy one? Sure you can import one from the US but shipping is slow and expensive and you’ll pay way more than buying from a local distributer.

Australian based Bitvape supply the JUUL Kit to Australia for an unbeatable price, better yet they’re also located in Australia so the cost of shipping is much lower than overseas options.

Bitvape also supply a wide variety of JUUL pods and JUUL related accessories, like chargers and decals to customize your device and keep it juiced up throughout the day. If you’re wondering where to buy cheap JUUL pods in Australia, you can buy them here.

All orders are shipped in Australia via Australia Post standard delivery.