Advantages and disadvantages of using a recruitment agency.

using a recruitment agency

Are you looking forward to get the internal vacancies filled up with the assistance of a recruitment agency? Then you must have a clear understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of getting the assistance of a recruitment agency. That’s because this would not be the perfect option available for all the companies available out there to consider. You need to make sure that you find the ideal recruitment agency after analyzing the benefits and drawbacks carefully.

Advantages of using a recruitment agency

Let’s begin the list by going through the advantages of using a recruitment agency. They highlight the benefits that you will be able to experience by getting the assistance of an expert recruitment agency available out there.

You can hire employees faster

When there is a vacancy available in the company, you will come across the need to get that filled within the shortest possible time period. Otherwise, you will miss out the work that you can get done. This is where you need to seek the assistance of a recruitment agency.

If you follow the traditional method to hire an employee, you will have to wait for at least one month. That’s because you will have to go through a lengthy interview and screening process. You can cut that down into one week by getting the services delivered by a recruitment agency. The recruitment agencies have a database of candidates. The candidates in this database are already interviewed and screened. Therefore, you just need to provide the job offer to them and pick the best person. This can help your company to retain the productivity and hire the best employees when you want to.

You can get complete support from a recruitment agency

The recruitment agency you hire will be able to provide you with complete support and assistance needed. In fact, the recruitment agency will be able to communicate with the candidates as well as employers. Therefore, you will not have to go through the time-consuming process of communicating with the candidates. You can simply handover the work to the recruitment agency.

When there is a requirement to hire a candidate, you should get in touch with the recruitment agency and explain about it. Then the recruitment agency will get your requirement and provide you with a list of candidates. You can even get assistance when you are trying to pick the best matching candidate out of them.

You will be able to overcome all the recruitment related problems that you are dealing with the assistance offered by the recruitment agency. Hence, you will not have to worry too much about filling up the urgent positions that you have. You can keep the peace of mind and fill up the positions without getting stressed.

You can higher high-quality candidates

The recruitment agency will always provide you with assistance needed to recruit high quality candidates. It is quite a difficult job to hire the best candidates. However, you will be able to overcome the pain of hiring the best quality candidates with the support delivered by the recruitment agency. You will be able to gain access to a qualified pool of candidates.

You can trust on the expertise of the recruitment agency to get the best quality candidates into this pool. Hence, you will not have to worry too much about the capabilities of the resource that you are getting into the company with the support offered by the recruitment agency

You can get specialist knowledge

The recruitment agencies have specialist knowledge about recruitments. For example, they have a clear understanding about the job market trends. On the other hand, they are aware about the best approach that should be followed in order to cater to the specific recruitment needs that you have as well. You just need to experience the benefits that come along with this specialist knowledge.

Disadvantages of using a recruitment agency

Now you have a clear understanding about the advantages that you can get out of a recruitment agency. Along with that, you must also take a look at the disadvantages.


Cost associated with hiring a recruitment agency will be the biggest drawback that you will have to face. In fact, the cost that you have to bear will vary based on a variety of factors, such as the type of recruitment strategy and the salary. If you have a limited recruitment budget, you will not be able to get the assistance of a reputed recruitment agency.

Cultural fit

When the recruitment agencies are advertising your job vacancy, they will not expose your company brand. Therefore, you will find it as a difficult task to locate the candidates who match perfectly well with the culture of your company. You will need to rely on the recruiter and hire the employee. This can lead you towards few issues. If the candidate you hire doesn’t match with the culture of your company, you will find it as a difficult task to keep him employed. There is a high possibility for the candidate to move out of your company.

ndidates don’t tend to go ahead with recruitment agencies

The recruitment agencies out there have a bad reputation for lack of communication. Due to the same reason, some of the candidates don’t tend to apply through recruitment agencies. For example, the lots of candidates say that they never heard back from the recruitment agency after applying for a job. On the other hand, some other candidates tell that they were not provided with ideal placements that match with their preferences. Due to this bad reputation, some people refrain from recruitment agencies. If you stick only to recruitment agencies, you will be missing out the opportunity that you have to get the help of such candidates.

Make sure that you analyze both advantages and disadvantages of hiring a recruitment agency and make the best decision that can benefit your company.