The Importance Of Verification Of Security Staff


Companies that carry out their business by providing security services need to be aware, align, and adapt their services to specific guidelines and rules and regulations governing the security industry. According to some guidelines, it is mandatory for security companies to verify each security staff member hired by them.

Adequate verification is the need of the hour because security personnel are responsible for protecting lives and guarding valuable possessions. Offering security services to individuals is a job that involves a great deal of responsibility. Carrying out security services diligently can create a great impression about the company as well as steady in-flow of potential clients. With the announcement of a background screening procedure, security companies can now offer their clients trustworthy and dependable services.

It is mandatory for the Human Resource department to carry out detailed background checks on both prospective and current security personnel to offer reliable security personnel to their valued and esteemed clients.

Some of the factors that need to be verified with regard to security staff are mentioned below:

  •        Character: Potential employees need to be verified for their behaviour and character in previous organisations in order to avoid problems in the future such as theft and rage episodes.
  •        Health: Security personnel need to demonstrate a high level of alertness throughout their shift. This involves both physical and mental stability to be prepared for any type of emergency.
  •        Criminal Record: Potential security officers need to undergo verification with regard to any past criminal or court proceedings. This verification check avoids employing the services of a potentially-dangerous candidate who may get involved in thefts or other serious crimes.

Some of the ideal practices that the HR department of large security agencies can adopt are mentioned below:

  1.     Keep proper track of all info (photographs, addresses, salaries) of security staff and names of clients along with their addresses. This helps prevent identity issues and ensures that the Human Resource manager is prepared throughout if a controlling authority carries out a check on the compliance of the agency to the relevant guidelines.
  2.     Issue identity cards to all staff members. Security officers must be thoroughly prepared for potential surprise checks that may be carried out.

By not adhering to the below-mentioned factors, security agencies may end up with their licences being cancelled.

  •        Issuance of licences to any security officer without carrying out adequate background screening
  •        Failure on part of the agency to provide the requisite services to the client during the period that is mentioned in the contract.
  •        Not cooperating with the police when it comes to when it comes to providing certain requirements
  •        Lastly, if the hired officer is found in the below situations more than once:

Failure to provide adequate security to the clients

Misusing access to client’s property

Indiscipline during duty hours, including intake of alcohol

Security agencies should make the most of verification partners to make sure that they adhere to the stated norms, thereby boosting their credibility.