Multiple Uses for Reliable CCTV Systems: How Can You Use This Technology


If they could just have someone on the premises to keep an eye on things at night and at other times when the store is closed, business owners could rest easier. Decades ago, it was common to have a night watchman for this very purpose. But there’s a better alternative, one that won’t mean paying employee wages and worrying about time off.

In addition, you can use this new method as to complement and strengthen the human security that you provide. What is this alternative, you may well ask? To put it in one simple phrase, the answer is: closed circuit television systems (CCTV). Technology used in CCTV systems has improved greatly since the first installation in Germany, in 1942. Commercial use started a few years later; in recent years, people have also referred to this as video surveillance.

Closed Circuit

These systems are referred to as closed circuit because they differ significantly from broadcast television. The signal from a CCTV camera is transmitted to a specific location and is viewed on monitors intended for this use alone. Protection and security are provided for convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, schools, banks, hospitals, airports, homes, and many other locations, thanks to the quality and reliability of the equipment available today.

As mentioned earlier, a CCTV system can operate continuously and can be more reliable than any set of human eyes. When electronic methods are combined with dependable live security, the level of protection improves greatly. It’s also possible to employ recording equipment in the system to maintain a long-lasting record of the activity viewed by the cameras. By some estimates, there are nearly 400 million surveillance cameras in use on the planet today.

As is the case with any product or service, you’ll be best served by working with a company bringing extensive experience to the task. If you’re looking for CCTV systems in Perth, you have access to experienced professional installation and service of high-quality products, including the latest cameras and network video systems. This is available for both home surveillance and commercial surveillance systems with guaranteed satisfaction in both workmanship and design.


Not only can you protect your property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you can supervise work spaces in the most convenient way. It’s also a great way to keep track of younger family members and keep a watchful eye on them, quietly and from a distance. Some factories even make use of CCTV technology to view areas that may not be safe for humans to enter, especially during specific manufacturing processes.

Business owners and homeowners benefit from the use of CCTV systems in a variety of ways. There are multiple uses for this amazing, reliable technology. Which one is for you?