Jewelry Marketing Ideas for Visibility and Sales


Jewelry market contributes revenue in trillions. If you are planning to join this sector or already own a small offline or online store then you need to be savvy to hold a share in this revenue. Marketing helps but it needs to be solid to capture your market share as a small pearl jewelry business owner.

Jewelry marketing ideas for visibility and sales

Create an impressive website

Jewelry is about display and presentation, so have a website that is equally impressive. It has to be attractive, user friendly and SEO optimized. Make sure it works great on desktops and Smartphones. Here you can get an idea about pearl jewelry like pearl bracelet online presentation.

Establish target audience

Determine –

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Whom you wish to include as target audience?
  • What is the difference between each category of target audience?
  • Why do they belong to your target community?
  • What is their value in terms of customers?

The next step will be to determine why are your jewelry different…..are you creating eco-friendly pearl jewelry for social good or for average millennial or for trendy travelers. Move forward and establish a brand voice via content, create a look with photo shoot and engage with customers.

Build a content library to keep consumers interested and engaged. A great marketing budget and campaign needs to be strategized. It can include product release, awareness campaign and also retargeting.

Create brand story

  • Emotional sells, especially jewelry as it is an emotional laden purchase.
  • Tell why you create the appealing jewelry pieces like rings for lovers, offer jewelry women purchase to reveal their success, create jewelry that signified crucial milestone in life.
  • Build marketing around your brand story including a tagline and use it consistently!

Build firm online reputation through reviews

  • Trust and relationships are ley for successful pearl jewelry business.
  • Today, prospects first look for potential jewelers’ online reviews, so as to gain confidence from peers.
  • Focus on offering exclusive customer service and from there builds a solid online reputation to gain leverage.

List of things to do

  • Nurture interested potential customer
  • Boost online presence
  • Apply loyalty program
  • Great photographs of the jewelry are a MUST
  • Create holiday promotions appealing to sentiments
  • Build an email list and send newsletters to nurture the leads
  • Write compelling descriptions about your every jewelry piece

Right marketing strategy can attract potential consumers!