Guidelines for establishing a company in Dubai


There is a set of tips and warnings that are offered to all investors before starting a company in Dubai, must be paid attention to in order to achieve the objectives of the companies to be established.

The Free Zone encourages foreign investors to invest in Dubai by facilitating the application process to set up a company, without the need to hire a UAE partner to acquire substantial ownership.

However, the free zone has eliminated foreign investors from this problem, to return the capital to the owner, with the possibility of signing a document proving that you are the owner of the company instead of the local partner to ensure your right to it rather than the largest share of ownership.

The need to abide by the rules and laws governing the UAE, and to deal with ethics and respect for customs and traditions in Dubai.

In order to get Arab customers and employees also for the company, which achieves good relations that help the success of your company and its continuity for as long as possible in the country.

Dubai offers many unique possibilities for investors who want to set up companies.

The availability of oil has made Dubai one of the most important places to establish the company after the high oil prices, which has made Dubai the place where many investors around the world aspire to get places to establish distinctive and successful companies.

Finally, each investor must determine the steps of establishing a company in Dubai with high accuracy to achieve its ultimate goal and maintain its position within the UAE.


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