How Printed Bags Will Change Your Businesses Marketing Technique


The most successful printed bags were not just a solution to provide to customers to transport their goods home. Marketers turned them into a new platform to showcase a brand! They can become their own, standalone, desirable product, depending on the style and quality of the bag. Make statements, be bold and get your brand out there with your new printed bag marketing technique. Our guide could help you make sure your new, offline marketing strategy is successful.

Make A Statement With Your Style Of Bag

Famous printed plastic bags over the recent years have featured eco-conscious statements, such as “I Am Not Disposable”. Powerful messages help to build a positive and ethical brand image for your business. This means customers who align with your views are likely to express an interest in your brand, the products you sell and the mission you have. In contrast, passers-by who notice your printed bags are likely to pay attention to something sharp, perhaps controversial or stimulating. This could invigorate brand awareness.

Careful Design

Designing a new or your first range of printed bags may make you think about how you present yourself to your customers. Your aesthetic is important and says a lot about the values of your brand. The colours, font and images you use can suggest you are a value brand, an ethical, eco-conscious company or a forward-thinking tech business. Colour and design psychology can help drive customers to your brand without them even knowing. You can become associated with all the right – and relevant – things.

Organise A Giveaway

If you are an online brand, creating a physical representation of your business, such as a plastic bag, printed packaging or anything similar, means you can use other marketing tactics. For example, giveaways and festivals, trade shows, product launches and any other relevant events are a new way you could boost your brand awareness. This could help to boost the profile of your business, especially because these environments are always heavily photographed and your bold, stylish bag (and other giveaway items) are likely to feature in a lot of those social media posts.

Create A Cohesive Off and Online Campaign

Bags as a singular marketing platform are extremely effective. However, you can make a statement with a printed bag or packaging and then facilitate a discussion and fuel the fire online, building your social platforms and brand visibility – both online and offline. In this way, physical marketing tools like bags and packaging are an effective way to target new consumers. If you are an SME with only one or two physical locations, this is a great way to grow your community outside of those who live nearby.

A Platform To Show Off Your Quality

As we have already mentioned, printed packaging is completely customisable to suit your brand’s aesthetic. This means that you can choose to target consumers at any end of the market, just with new packaging. High-quality materials for goods attribute value for your customers. This is the same with printed packaging. Using premium materials could allow you to capture new customers at the higher end of the market, driving revenue for your business.