Four Strategies Your Divorce Lawyer May Use to Win Your Divorce Case

Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process is not a walk in the park. You can expect to face a lot of emotional challenges and it can also be draining for everyone involved. And if you have a high-conflict divorce, it can be full of resentment and anger. Apart from the grief of separating from your spouse, dealing with the negativity of anger can be quite exhausting. Because of this, you will want to work with Columbus Ohio divorce and family law attorneys who can guide you through the process. The role of your lawyer is to reduce the damage of your divorce and secure the best outcome for you. As issues like property division, child custody, and spousal support need to be agreed in your divorce settlement, your case’s outcome can impact your future. To win your divorce case, here are some tactics your attorney will employ:

Establish a Strong Defense

Typically, your accounts and the accounts of your spouse differ from one another. Because of this, your attorney may need to dig deeper and establish a solid defense against whatever the other party will throw your way. This involves collecting evidence to ensure you can give a logical explanation of the facts the other party will present in court.

Formulate Your Attack

Judges already know the reason why you are divorcing due to initial separation documents submitted to them. Such documents offer the courts comprehensive information on you and your partner, your relationship, and the reason for the divorce. But, your lawyer will explain these details in court with evidence of every claim to boost your claim.

Build a Compelling Story

To win your case, your lawyer will make a compelling story, so your narrative will be more believable than the narrative of your spouse. Thus, you must make sure the judge believes you have suffered unfairly. This is meant to win the judge’s heart.

When you build a compelling story, make sure it aligns with the credible facts in the case. Your attorney will portray you as the victim to win the court over and improve your chances of a favorable decision.

Negotiate the Divorce Agreement

Negotiations are important in divorce to find a compromise between you and your spouse in a collaborative settlement. Your lawyer can make an offer to the opposing party they may not turn down. With the compromise, you can retain control over the settlement as well as minimize the emotional stress and legal fees.