Deal with “Why Can’t I Focus” Issues


There are difficult days in each person’s life when we find ourselves amidst the crisis of the inability to focus. We feel that nothing is particularly falling in place and something weird is happening all around us. We try to live to the fullest but all our efforts seem to drain us into nowhere. Take a deep breath and understand that it is a very much usual phenomenon!

Sometimes our ability to focus on the task at hand seems to have withdrawn into our thoughts or maybe something else that does not deserve as much attention and time. It is then that we start questioning ourselves- Why cant I focus?

Lets us discuss some of the reasons that will help you find the answer to this question:


Yes, we ignore it, but it is 100% true. Sometimes we are so tired that we find everything else mundane. Even then there are demands in life that we need to go on with the routines. There are days we wake up feeling tired but the office, work or other commitments do not allow us to take a pause or break. Those days all we need to bring our best output forward is to take some rest. The results and the work suffer because of our physical tiredness. Lack of interest leads to a lack of attention at the task at hand. We end up doubting ourselves – “Why can’t I-focus?” while we try to cover it up through coffee and tea and other ways of soaring the energy levels, however, the real reason is tiredness itself. Understand it, accept it and let it go! Take rest whenever you can and this will change for sure!

Mood Swings:

It is the nature of a human being to experience bad mood swings quite often. It can be once in a week, fortnight, month or year but it certainly happens with each one of us. There is no realization of this feeling but we tend to lose our entre focus when this happens. There is no point in blaming anyone about it as it can simply be a hormonal imbalance or may occur as a consequence of any incident in your daily life. When we find ourselves in such a situation, instead of outing yourself under the radar of “Why can’t I-focus?”, we should rather try to find someone who can talk to us about it. Usually, when we talk out our concerns, we tend to feel lighter and it helps in coming out of the situation in a very positive way. Other than that we get to know some different perspectives from another person that help us in dealing with our issues.

Too much work:

Usually, women are considered to be better at multi-tasking than men. It starts from the morning when they make a variety of breakfast for every member of the family to taking care of the home, market and work front that too without complaining. However, too much work of any sort can sometimes make you lose your focus and we start feeling in complacent. Instead of burning in the “Why can’t I-focus?” thought mechanism, it will be better to simply share off the burden once in a while. Seek the help of someone else in the house- your husband, children or may be house maid to get your work managed properly.