4 Reasons Why your Business Needs Anti-Spam Software


Unsolicited emails, or spam, have always been the scourge of business and no matter how hard we try to keep our email address private, the persistent spam just keeps coming. If you consider just how much time your employees spend deleting unwanted emails, it adds up over time, and if you have a few hundred people working online, that means many potentially productive man hours are being wasted. If you have never considered anti-spam software, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive.

  1. Safe and Secure – The latest generation of anti-spam software has been developed over time, and will interrupt 99% of all unwanted emails. The online marketing industry is always finding innovative ways to obtain consumer’s details, which would include their email address, and there are even organisations that sell information to marketing companies who would look for the opportunity to cold call you with spam. One of the market leaders in antispam and anti-virus applications is Mailcleaner, which is extremely effective and very easy to use. This Swiss based package uses dedicated servers and by reconfiguring the DNS with the client’s provider, all incoming email to the selected email accounts will be diverted and everything scanned. Anything suspicious is automatically quarantined, yet if it turned out to be important, you can restore is with a single click.
  2. Cloud Based Solutions – This means that the anti-spam software does not need to be installed on any of your PCs, as it is based on the software provider’s server, and this means you can access your interface from any device by simply logging in, and not only that, you can be at any location.
  3. Free Up Essential Resources – Traditional anti-spam software is typically installed on every computer within the company, and this takes up valuable storage space and resources, as the software is constantly reviewing everything. Cloud based applications, on the other hand, take none of your computing resources, and the interface is also web based, meaning you can access the interface from any location or device.
  4. Affordability – Having no protection at all isn’t an option, and with the many benefits of a cloud based application that tick all the boxes, you might be surprised to know that it is very affordable. If you would like to get an idea what it would cost to fully protect your business, an online search will land you on a developer’s site that offers such a service in a cloud based format, and then you simply fill in the online form, stating how many email accounts you wish to protect, and you would receive a quote within a few seconds.

The Internet has brought us many positive things, but unfortunately, the digital highway also gives harmful viruses and spam a route to your hard drive, and unless you are fully protected, the risk is indeed very real. With the benefits mentioned above, plus a few more, it makes sense to have the best possible protection against a cyber-attack.