Why Companies Use Recruiters to Hire Candidates


Given the prevailing scarcity of competent workers and employees today, companies are now finding it difficult to directly hire candidates for new job openings, and this is why they are using recruiters. They often wind up paying headhunters, who then go on to recruit suitable candidates for the job at hand. Headhunters may charge anywhere between $10000 – $14000 per successful hire. Companies use headhunters for a variety of reasons including:

  • Finding suitable candidates can be tough given the prevailing scarcity of qualified individuals – There is a distressing shortage of skilled people, especially in the STEM sectors. When companies aren’t able to attract qualified candidates for their jobs, they don’t have any other option other than paying headhunters to find the right individual to fill the role.
  • Due to the small size of the market, candidates aren’t interested in applying directly: An increasing number of candidates are now using headhunters, who prioritize confidentiality and privacy. Using job portals may result in their teammates getting to know about their plans to switch companies. For employees who value their privacy, headhunters may seem like a smart choice.
  • Companies cannot poach employees from their competitors – There are several legal risks to doing this, which can be mitigated by using middlemen headhunters. Traditional company recruiters only have job portals for inviting applications from potential candidates, which limits their options.
  • Headhunters do not need to play by any rules or limitations – This industry is unregulated, which means that it’s a free-for-all game for headhunters. While there may be legal contracts, they aren’t anything more than a minor inconvenience at best.
  • Engaging the services of top headhunters can help protect you from hiring bad apples – Great headhunters are capable of separating milk from water. Since they’ve got an image to protect, they’ll do everything in their power to get the right candidate for the job. It pays to maintain a favorable relationship with top headhunters. They’re aware of important details which may not be public yet, thus saving you trouble down the road.
  • Hiring managers suffer from a limited network – While they do have connections, their abilities fall short of the skills and powers that headhunters possess. If you need top-notch services, headhunters are who you call.
  • Internal recruitment staff members have to handle many responsibilities, which could affect their ability to hire the right person – These employees may not always be able to implement rigorous vetting procedures that are crucial for determining the value of a potential candidate. They also need to look after operations, payroll, benefits, and many other things, which compromises their ability to make the right choice.

A professional headhunter can convince even the most devoted employees to switch companies in a moment’s notice. That’s what they excel at. If your goal is to hire the best possible candidates for job openings in your business, you should definitely consider engaging the services of a trusted headhunter. If your goal is to find reliable and trustworthy headhunters who won’t disappoint you, try out the services of drrecruitment.com – a top-rated headhunter agency with an impeccable track record.