Who Can A Lawyer Help During A Contract Dispute


Contract disputes can happen for a variety of different reasons:

  • The contact may have been violated by either the employer or the employee.
  • The contract may have been badly worded so that people are unaware of their responsibilities.
  • The contract may have been drawn up a previous owner of the business and now the new owner is reviewing the contract.
  • There may be a dispute between a business and a client about the work that has been carried out as stipulated in the original contract.

Who is a lawyer going to be able to help during a contract dispute?

Employers Who Run A Business

Employers may want to hire MIR Solicitors when they believe that employers have breached the terms of their contract by not performing work correctly or to the acceptable standard.

A lawyer who has experience of representing employers in contract disputes can be hired so that the matter can be resolved. The employer may want to retain the services of the same lawyer on a regular basis.

Employees Who Work For A Business

Employees may feel that they are being given extra duties which are not stipulated in their contract. Alternatively, they might have a complaint regarding incorrect payment that differs from the amount which has been set out in the contract.

A lawyer who has represented employees during these disputes can be hired. You may want to ask other people who have brought a case against their employer.


Your business may have been a client that hired another business to do some work. You may have been unhappy with the work that was performed and that it did not meet the terms of the contract. You can hire a lawyer to mediate in this situation.


You may have been hired by a client to carry out some work. There may be an issue with the contract that has been presented, or you might feel that the client is engaging in “scope creep” where the client keeps adding tasks for you to complete.

You may want to hire a lawyer in this situation because the work has not been stipulated in the original contract. The dispute can be resolved with the help of a professional legal expert.

Retaining The Same Lawyer

Once the contract dispute has been handled, you need to evaluate the performance of the lawyer who was hired. You might decide that you are going to retain the services of this particular lawyer so that they can assist with any similar cases which might happen to occur in the future.


A contract dispute is something that can slow a business down, which is a situation that nobody wants to have on their hands. Lawyers will be able to mediate for a wide range of different complainants. A preliminary meeting will be held, where the lawyer will make sure that they assess your case thoroughly. They will explain everything that is going to happen during the legal process.