What are the Available Types of Pool Fencing


A sturdy and reliable pool fencing is very highly desired by every property owner so that a pool area can stay safe and secure. There are no official regulations at the state level but there are local ordinances that ensure a pool must be safe for use. Other considerations must also be factored in while selecting pool fencing so that the complete area can stay accessible and safe for everyone using it. As an example, the height of pool fencing must be a minimum of four feet so that not everyone at all times can access the place easily.

There are different structures and types of pool fencing in Sydney like wood, glass, aluminium, and vinyl and they must be understood to make an informed choice for the same. A pool fence gate must also have self-latching and self-closing configurations so that there is sufficient safety at all times. The different types of pool fencing options are discussed here for complete understanding.

  • Removable mesh pool fencing – This type of pool fencing can be a very versatile and convenient choice for securing a pool area. They are transparent, completely removable, are easy-to-use and enjoy superb safety rating. They can be further available in ultra mesh or classic pool fences so that they can be highly durable and cost-efficient. This type of pool fencing can offer users a superb way of securing the place while at the same time, they can also be opened fully when needed.
  • Vertical bar fencing – It is one of the most versatile types of pool fencing concerning the materials that they can be made of. This type of pool fencing in Sydney can be available in wrought iron, wood, aluminium, and vinyl and hence property owners can exercise a lot of choices while selecting the same. A pool fencing made of wrought iron will enable people to view the area from the other side but may also rust after a considerable period and therefore proper maintenance may be needed periodically.

On the other hand, wood fencing can be a better choice as they can be customizable. They are also available in many color shades and choice of visibility can be determined by the user.

  • Glass panel fencing – One of the most attractive and beautiful types of pool fencing in Sydney is the glass panel fencing. This type of fencing is manufactured from tempered glass and that is why it is one of the most durable options among all the available choices. It looks quite modern and the complete view of the area can be enjoyed from anywhere.

However, a downside with it is that cleaning and maintenance will be needed for it frequently and installing it can be costlier compared to others. It can be costlier by up to 25 times compared to the mesh pool fences but the choice can fully depend on a property owner due to the looks that it offers.

Broadly, these are the three types of pool fencing options that can be available for a property owner. Depending on one’s choice and suitability, either of them can be selected so that an area can be secured with ease.