What are Elmiron lawsuits all about? Find here!


Elmiron is a drug used for treatment of interstitial cystitis (IC), which is more prevalent in women. The drug – pentosan polysulfate sodium – helps in easing bladder pain and has been used in animals too. The lawsuits claim that the manufacturer of the drug – Janssen Pharmaceuticals- didn’t warn doctors and the public about the side effects. The warning label of the drug didn’t state pigmentary maculopathy as one of the risks, before June 16, 2020. If you were prescribed Elmiron for at least two years and have suffered vision problems, you may have the purview to file an Elmiron lawsuit. Here are some basic aspects worth knowing. 

Grounds for Elmiron lawsuits explained 

Almost all Elmiron lawsuits claim that the manufacturer failed to warn the public and doctors about the serious side effects of this drug. Since maculopathy was not mentioned as a risk before June 2020, doctors weren’t aware of the fact. If physicians and doctors knew of Elmiron risks, they may have not prescribed the same to patients. As patients didn’t know of the risk either, they continued with the prescribed drug. 

Can Elmiron cause pigmentary maculopathy?

There is considerable and strong evidence that states that consuming Elmiron for at least six months may cause pigmentary maculopathy in around 25% of patients. Since this is a retinal disease, pigmentary maculopathy can cause permanent vision loss and blindness too. Even with evidence, Elmiron is still available for sale, but does state pigmentary maculopathy as one of the risks on the label as of now. The drug was first approved by the FDA in 1996. 

Filing a lawsuit 

All Elmiron lawsuits are separate and not class action. However, for simplifying the process of litigation and to expedite the whole process, these lawsuits will consolidate into a multi-district litigation (MDL). Since this is not a class action, MDL plaintiffs will be entitled to set separate settlements. Law firms are asking for huge compensation, which will cover up for medical bills, lost wages, and future earning capacity. If you have suffered vision issues after taking Elmiron for a considerable period of time, you may have a lawsuit, but make sure that you talk to the right law firm. The eventual settlement (there have no settlements yet) will depend on many factors, including your suffering and injuries. 

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