Top Seven Steps SEO Guide To Rank Your Website


Search engine optimization is an outstanding solution to generate organic traffic for your brand, as it helps to maximize the website traffic and your brand’s online presence.

SEO helps to generate 50 % of your website traffic as against your social media efforts or PPC. FSE digital can guide you to increase your SEO efforts with the top seven pointers.

Keep An Eye On Competitors

Carefully check what your competitor is doing, thoroughly research their websites and social media presence to get some content ideas and insights.

Suggestion – Explore BuzzSumo for new content ideas for your brand.

Scrutinize Your Site

Scrutinize your site thoroughly to check if some significant issues are halting your progress online. Detect and fix them immediately for your website optimization.

Suggestion – Make a mobile-friendly website, as you would need a more extensive reach.

Update Keyword Research

Your SEO strategy includes searching, analyzing, and using relevant keywords. The use of the right keyword enhances your chances of a wider reach.

Suggestion – Keep a keyword file and keep on updating this file with relevant extensions, and long-tail keywords. Moz is a useful tool for this.

Plan Content In Advance

It is a good practice to plan your content ideas in advance. FSE digital recommends planning a variety and relevant content ideas for your target audiences.

Suggestion – Prepare a content calendar and update it with the latest happenings in the near future that will help you to create content.

Update Your Blogs

Update your blogs on the website with a relevant blog post containing trending content ideas and use of relevant keywords.

Suggestion – Add at least one link that could be inbound or outbound in your blog.

Check Your Backlinks

Closely monitor the backlinks on your website to optimize your SEO efforts. There are various tools to assist you in this effort.

Suggestion – Do networking with someone who can use your link in your content to boost your online presence.

Evaluate Website Performance

Evaluate your website to check which pages have received more response, and know the primary sources of traffic coming to your website.

Suggestion – evaluate the website regularly to see how each page and overall, the website is performing.

Closely monitoring your SEO practices and website performance may seem difficult, but it can help your brand in the long run if it is done diligently on a regular basis. It is slow and steady processes of optimizing your brand’s online presence, so don’t push.

FSE digital is here to help you in your SEO efforts and guide you through your journey of enhancing your brand presence.