Things Warehouse Owners Need To Keep Tabs On When Running A Warehouse

Warehouse Owners

Running an efficient warehouse allows you to send out more products faster. It also allows you to keep tabs on the many moving parts including your accounting. You have to manage your inventory and with the advancement of technology there are easier ways to keep up with it. An organized warehouse will function smoothly and make the lives of your workers and bookkeepers less stressful. Long gone are the days where we walk around with a pen and pad and leave notes. Now that almost everything is electronic we can manage information down to the moment something changes. Warehouse owners need to keep up with placed orders, invoices that have been sent out and paid, and shipping and receiving information.

Placed Orders

These orders are important to track because you want to make sure they get fulfilled right away. Customers need to know that you realize and care that they’ve made a purchase and they want the security to know that what they’ve just purchased is on its way. Keeping up with placed orders will ultimately help you keep track of inventory as well because you will know that a number of pieces that are available today will get shipped off and should not really be counted in the amount you have remaining.

Invoices Sent Out And Paid

Keeping up with your invoices in important for proper accounting. It shouldn’t be too difficult to match up amounts with payments. If you are struggling to keep your books together it might be time to install an EDI warehouse fulfillment program that can help you keep up with what was ordered and who has paid. It would be nice if you can just sit back and count on receiving a check from orders received 30 days ago but that is not always the case. That’s why a lot of companies require full payment before any shipping is completed.

Shipping And Receiving Information

Warehouse managers and business owners need to get a notification when orders have been shipped and received so they can have knowledge of delays or arrivals that haven’t been paid for. Another key thing for business owners to have knowledge about is where the shipment is. They need to be able to accurately track packages so they can provide great customer service. Sometimes customers will call in to inquire about the shipping process. They want to know how long it takes for their order to ship, whether or not it’s based on location, and if it’s shipped before or after the payment is processed.


In the logistics business it’s important to maintain control of your inventory. The most efficient way to manage products sent, coming in, and going out is by investing in an electronic data interchange. These systems can make warehouse operations run so much smoother and ultimately improve the customer experience. Warehouse managers and business owners need to keep track of placed orders, invoices that have been sent out both unpaid and paid, and shipping and receiving information.