The Ways In Which A Recycling Skip Is Different From Regular Skip Bins


Recycling is becoming more of a global concern, so it makes sense for people to identify which items they can safely recycle and which ones need to be thrown into the bin.

You can recycle:

  1. Glass bottles
  2. Paper cups and cardboard
  3. Food wrappers
  4. Milk bottle tops
  5. Waste paper
  6. Plastic document wallet

This is especially important for a large office that creates a substantial amount of waste on a daily basis. Employees need to be reminded that they should not throw anything away unnecessarily.

Posters could even be put on the walls next to the recycling bins and then people will remember to do this small but important task.

A recycling skip is slightly different to the ones that you normally hire.

The Skip Is Divided Into Different Sections

The first thing that you will notice during waste recycling in King’s Lynn is the fact that the skip has been divided into completely different sections. This makes it easier for you to sort the recyclable items. You might have a skip that has three sections: one section can be for paper and cardboard, the second can be of glass and the third can be for plastic.

Nobody is going to get confused when they are loading different items into the skip and the skip will then be removed once it has been completely filled. The process will be repeated until all of the recyclable waste has been removed from the premises.

The Rubbish Is Never Mixed Together

You will not want any of the recycling to be mixed together. This is why the separate compartments in the skip bin are so vitally important. Anything that has been put into the wrong compartment will be quickly spotted and then it is going to be removed.

This ensures that the loading of the skip bin is going to be completely efficient.

You Cannot Put Non-Recyclables Into The Skip Bin

You might think that you can use the recycling skip to put some other rubbish in. However, this is not advised because it will only slow down the process of recycling. This material, which cannot be recycled, should be thrown away into a separate bin. Alternatively, you may want to hire a skip so that the rubbish can be safely thrown in there.

The Recycling Skip Is Taken To A Recycling Plant

Once the skip has been filled completely, it will then be driven off the premises. Instead of being taken to the landfill, all of the recyclable waste is going to be taken to a plant where it will be sorted. The skip can then be returned to the premises.


A recycling skip has some subtle differences to a normal skip, and you need to consider this when you are thinking about hiring one for the very first time. You can hire these skips on a regular basis for all of your recycling needs, whatever they may be.