The Services Available to You from a Courier Service


The services of a same day delivery service have become more important than ever as the modern world changes the way in which we conduct business. Time is now everything, with more of us wanting new information as quickly as possible, allowing us to capitalise on it before our competitors.

For this reason, the ability to send and receive important documents and parcels in a timely manner is paramount to success. Luckily, there is an answer in what we know as the courier. In this article, we’ll explore the services that they typically offer.

Lighting Delivery

This service offering is for those customers who need their important documents delivered yesterday. What you’ll receive is the fastest possible turnaround time, ensuring that the parcels and documents that you need delivered are collected in minutes rather than hours.

The Same Day Service

Perfect for those companies who send up to around 10 parcels per day. If this sounds like you, a same day service offering which guarantees delivery before the close of a business day is likely for you.

A Flexible Service

The final atypical service offering is the flexible courier service, designed for those businesses sending anywhere between 10 and 100 parcels a day. What you typically gain is the ability to have parcels collected and delivered within 3 hours rather than having to wait until the end of the day.

Additional Services that are Available

As part of any standard service offering, you can usually also make use of the following services:

  • A holistic tracking system which allows you to track where your driver is when en route or out on a delivery. You can usually also book collections through this software as well as view a copy of the proof of delivery signature.
  • An emergency breakdown service where another runner will be dispatched if your current one experiences a break down or an accident whilst on your job.
  • The ability to compile and download delivery reports where you can track and file the collections and deliveries you have made over a period of time.
  • Software that can interact and be integrated into the software systems that you use, helping you to effectively manage your collections and deliveries.
  • Weekend and evening availability, perfect for all those jobs that can’t wait until the next working day.
  • A customer support service that is always online, answering your concerns and queries.

Depending on who you hire, you may have access to even more benefits but this list provides a great starting point.

Manage Your Company More effectively

We cannot stress enough how making use of the right courier can transform the way in which you do business. If you’re based across Australia, Go People Delivery Companies are an entity that may be able to assist you but there are several other outstanding courier companies to choose from. Simply decide what you need and take it from there.

Efficiency is everything so make sure that you stay at the forefront of your industry by making your business processes as efficient as possible.