The Many Benefits of an Online Courier Service

Shopping online

Any company that relies on transportation support for collections or deliveries demands a certain level of service, and with global destinations and express deliveries, your transport partner needs to be able to ship just about anything to any location. Digital technology has brought us many benefits, and in the field of freight delivery, an online network really takes deliveries to a new dimension, with GPS tracking, which enables the customer to know exactly where their consignment is at any given time. If you are about to launch an online retail business, here are a few of the benefits you can expect to receive from today’s transportation firm.

  1. Instant Quotes – A customer has places a rather large order and wants to know how fast you can make delivery, and in such a case, you simply log into your customer account and you can make an instant enquiry and have a quote within minutes. People never like having to wait, and with something like this, you can get back to them within minutes, and should you be happy with the price quoted, the goods will be collected within the hour, should it be required. If your business is based in Western Australia, there are excellent Perth transport companies that are dedicated to providing cost effective collections and deliveries across a range of industries.
  2. Consignment Tracking – Technology has enabled a freight company to provide their customers with pinpoint locations at any time of day or night. Once the goods have been entered into the system, it is easy to tack it at any time, and this is invaluable when your customer wishes to be updated on the shipment’s progress. GPS allows for any package to be tagged and tracked, and no matter where it happens to be at any given time, one click will tell you its current location with amazing accuracy.
  3. Effective Planning – If you can be sure that your goods will be delivered according to schedule, it makes things a lot easier, and you can plan more effectively. If you are a regular client, it is likely you would have your own transport manager appointed to you, and any time you require their services, you would only deal with one person. Delicate or hazardous cargo would be professionally handled, and with a range of delivery options, they can deliver anything from a small package to a sea container.
  4. Affordable Prices – The good thing about dealing with an efficient transport company is the prices will be affordable, as the system is streamlined and they would pass on any savings to their clients. Having an extensive network allows the company to share transport facilities, keeping prices down, and with a regular customer, they would likely have even more of a discount.

Dealing with a single provider keeps things streamlined, and if you ever require an urgent shipment to be delivered, they would typically have several service levels, and the urgent priority packages can be collected within the hour.