The Ins and Outs of the NASDAQ VSPRU


Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp. is a blank check firm formed by a former CEO of the Allergan targeting a healthcare sector, listed with the SEC in order to raise to 400 million dollars in an IPO, i.e., initial public offering.

The Miami Beach, Florida-based firm plans to raise 400 million dollars by providing about 40 million units at 10 dollars. Each unit has one share of the common stock like NASDAQ: IMNM at and 1/3 of the warrant, exercisable at 11.50 dollars. At a proposed deal size, the Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp. would command the market value of about 500 million dollars.

The Leader

The firm is led by the CEO and a Chairman Brenton Saunders, that previously worked as the CEO of the Allergan until it’s apparently acquired by the AbbVie in the month of May 2020. Prior to that, he worked as the CEO of Bausch + Lomb until it’s Valeant in the year 2013. The CFO Manisha Narasimhan earlier served as the SVP of the Portfolio Innovation, Strategic Initiatives, and the Investor Relations at the Allergan. The SPAC intends to target the healthcare sectors & pharmaceuticals with stress on firms in medical aesthetics, longevity, eye care, and wellness categories.

Mission Statement of the Firm

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