The Importance Of The Right Foundation When Building


The footings and the foundations of your business premises are the most important part when building a new structure. You may be expanding due to increased business, and you need to construct larger premises, and making sure that the footings and foundations are correct, is essential. Foundations are typically made from many kinds of materials, like stone and blocks, but reinforced concrete is generally what most business owners choose. The foundation is what takes the bearing load from your new premises, and puts it on the earth below, in order to make sure that the building has strength.

Additional Drainage.

The foundation is always required to hold the weight of the building and it provides a flat and level base to build upon, and also keeps the wooden materials used in construction, off of the ground. If you are constructing in an area of the UK, where the soil consists of a lot of clay and is generally quite sandy, then you probably need what is called, a pad foundation. Due to the weak ground because of the sand and clay, the foundation will be weak, and so a lot of concrete, cement and filler is needed to provide additional strength. The ground may also need additional drainage, and you should look for trusted drainage specialists in Bishops Stortford.

Many Options.

Another option is the raft foundation, which consists of the concrete slab and this totally covers the whole area of your foundation, to provide strength. You may also need to put metal beams in your foundation, especially if it is your intention to add additional floors to your business premises. The strip foundation is especially useful for areas where there is excess water retention, and you need to use lots of concrete, cement and additional strong filler, to make sure the foundations will be strong enough. Finally, there is the Slab-on-grade foundation, and this allows the full weight of your building to be moved on to the soil through the slab, which is put right at the surface of the soon to be, new building.

Proper Aggregate.

If you have purchased land in the UK that retains a lot of water, then you really need to get your builder to put a lot of aggregate into the foundation, as this will assist in allowing the water to flow. We need it to flow, because if it doesn’t, then the water will rise up to and into the floor, and we don’t want that. Once completed a damp proof membrane needs to be placed on top of the aggregate, to be used as a kind of barrier, between your new building and the water.

In all cases, you should hire an expert who knows about ground works and who can complete the job to the highest standard. Generally, they will perform a site survey to get to know the area, and what it is, that you want to build there. This will allow them to complete the entire process from excavating the ground, laying the foundations, setting up proper drainage and then putting topsoil if required.