The Best Employee Incentives That Don’t Have to do With Money

Best Employee Incentives

Although raises and bonuses are important, providing non-monetary incentives to employees is a vital component to creating a successful business or company.

Incentives such as flexible schedules, consistent encouragement and employee appreciation programs are integral to fostering an inspired, happy workforce that can get the results your business or company needs to prosper. By utilizing these methods, your company can improve employee morale and performance.

Flexible Schedules

Giving employees more control over their work hours will facilitate a better relationship between you, the business owner, and the workforce that staffs your company. By encouraging employees to communicate preferred schedules to you and other coworkers, each employee can acquire the shifts he or she wants. Offering the option for employees to trade shifts may also be a good way to promote intercommunication and cooperation among the staff.

Workplace Wellness Programs

There are many Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programs that offer awards to employees, managers and entire businesses which promote a healthier, happier and safer work environment. Educate yourself and your employees on these awards and how they can strengthen the reputation of your business.

Consider offering a few extra days of vacation time or an envied parking spot to employees who show active participation in pursuing a WHP award. WHP programs are an excellent way to promote positive competition in the workplace that is not hinged on monetary gains but instead on garnering respect and trust from prospective clients or investors.

Positive Reinforcement

By giving members of your company the respect they deserve, they will approach their responsibilities with improved focus and confidence. Positive reinforcement reminds employees of their contribution to the company and creates an engaging, comfortable work environment by eliminating negativity in the office place.

Too often, employees feel their main motivation to do well is to avoid getting fired. This motivation will only go so far and employees may find themselves working just hard enough to get through the day. A negative work environment tells an employee that their opinions, feelings or ideas are not important and, in fact, may get them fired. By encouraging and rewarding feedback, hard work and good attitudes, you can ensure that your workforce maintains an optimistic perspective.

Positive reinforcement is also a good way to make it clear that promotional opportunities are available in your company. Employees will respond well to knowing that their dedication won’t go ignored.

Employee Appreciation Programs

Employee incentive programs, corporate membership or employee of the month awards can give your workforce the right kind of encouragement to continue to perform well. Consider offering discounts on gym memberships, at restaurants and access to quality accommodations when your employees are travelling across the country or abroad.

Employees need to know their hard work is being noticed and will be rewarded accordingly, and various employee appreciation programs are a great way to accomplish this.

By offering encouragement in the form of incentives beyond money you as a business owner can create the effective, efficient and team-oriented framework any business or company needs to succeed. Raises, seasonal bonuses or paid time off will always be fundamental ways to motivate a workforce, but without incorporating non-monetary incentive programs, the morale and motivation of your employees can only decline.

Your employees want to know they are a valuable asset to your business and that new opportunities are available to them.

By using these incentives, your company’s workforce can feel more connected to their work and the positive impacts they can have on the success of the business you share with them.