Take 5 Books: Improve Safety at Your Workplace


Making sure that proper security measures are taken in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Many of the accidents that occur in factories and hazardous workplaces are generally caused because the employees are often caught under pressure. Due to the extreme pressures of working in a factory and of meeting deadlines, many employees often tend to lose control and panic. Simply taking as little as five minutes to get your bearings straight could be just what you need to do to get your head back in the game and regain your focus. However, the employee is almost always going to blame the fault on the employer, stating that the employer didn’t take proper safety measures in the work environment that could have prevented the injury. One of the best things that you can do is to give out safety booklets and pamphlets to your employees on the first day of the job so as to play your part in making sure that your employees know all of the safety hazards in the workplace.

What Is Take 5?

The Take 5 Books are basically small pamphlets that include general safety information and tips for employees in the modern workplace. These booklets provide basic information about how important it is to just take a few minutes for employees and gain a sense of their bearings. These books emphasise just how important it is to take a little bit of time from the rigours of a person’s daily job and focus on what’s in front of him or her. A breather of five minutes will not just help you become more productive in the long run. A number of private research studies have shown that small breaks of five to ten minutes could help improve productivity significantly.

Why Are They So Important?

These books are available from a number of different publishers. The main reason why you should consider buying these booklets is because they will prevent any sort of litigation against you in case an employee injures himself or herself at work. If a public liability case has been filed against your company for not taking proper care of your employees and not making sure that all safety measures have been taken, you might end up losing thousands in litigation fees. However, if you cover all your bases and make sure that all protective measures have been taken, you won’t be liable to pay anything.

You can get custom books printed based on the hazards in your working environment or you can buy conventional books that provide basic safety information to your employees. This is an excellent way to improve safety at your workplace and make sure that employees know all about major hazards.